Which Battleborn are played the least?

I play on the PS4 and always Incursion.

I think Attikus and Kelvin are played the least. Then maybe Phoebe?

I don’t see a whole lot of Reyna either(unless I’m playing with her)

Exactly why I main Kelvin hahaha. I don’t see a whole lot of Toby players. Boulder isn’t too frequent either. I’ve seen an uptick of Whiskey Foxtrot and a down tick of Caldarius as surprising as that is.

Same here, i like to make the characters that not pick alot my mains. I just got master of atticus and master of WF a week ago. I also got master of bolder,benedict and melka. Ill prolly work on calderius next

I haven’t seen any Atticus in all my hours of playing except maybe once in PvP.

Benedict is rarely played, and played well even less frequently.

I almost never see any El Dragons.

Phoebe is rarely seen as well. I used to play her more myself but in most encounters, melee characters get the short end of the stick.

I actually see quite a few Phoebe players. I don’t see many Ambra players or Kleese

Yeah, there aren’t many ambra players anymore. She’s outdamaged by most characters, and is outclassed completely as a healer.

Kleese does a better job as a healer once he hits 5, and I still see quite a few kleese players.

Very few people play OM anymore. He’s great at pushing waves and clinching kills, but he’s really easy to master and has no real CC to help the team take out certain, annoying threats like boulder.

I’m working on mastering Kelvin right now. He is so strong I don’t know why more people don’t play him. Same with Attikus he can be super strong.

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Attikus is hard to master though. He has a slow move speed and he tends to throw people in all directions with his pounce. This makes it hard to get in close and beat them up.

I only use pounce to get away or to help a team mate escape from a Rath or Galilea type situation. Pounce that Rath away and then we escape.

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never thought of that

Weird. I play Ambra & Kleese the most, and I see Phoebe as teammates the most as well. But I have only been playing PvE so maybe that’s why. As for Attikus I’ve seen him out dps everyone else by far quite often.

Overall i like playing everyone but there are certain characters i will never pick when I go solo and join Pug groups.

El Dragon

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve played all of them and enjoy them but the 4 I mentioned can easily become Frustrating when you get stuck with randoms that only care about kill count and don’t support you pushing through or trying to do your role.

Ive mastered kelvin arlttikus and bouldur first due to the lack of love made every game super easy when no one knew how to counter and thought they were trash

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I always use pounce aggressivly and been mentioned the best attikus people ever seen a couple of times…!:slight_smile: but that was within the first month and im sure there a better people… but was the easy to master

Playing mostly Kelvin and Phoebe myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Rarest battleborn would be a tie between Kelvin and Kleese… Then maybe Isic, Attikus, Boldur.
Playing essentially Meltdown, almost no Incursion, and some Capture.

check this poll out here to see what is played the least, fill out the survey yourself also :slight_smile:BattleBorn Poll: Rate the Heros and Maps!

I rarely see a kleese, kelvin and el dragón.

But when I see a el dragon is usually a good player, I can’t say the same about the other 2