Which Battleborn fits your personality?

As the title says, which of the current Battleborn resembles your personality the closest? It could be related to their play style, their own personality, maybe even their voices, the way they think and act. They don’t have to be the same Gender or species as you of course.

Out of all the Battleborn, I guess I would closely resemble Miko. Miko cares for it’s allies, it honours and respects its enemies (most of the time), and it will stop at nothing to make sure its allies get through the fight. Miko is an odd one for a personality I guess, but it is misunderstood by many, others might not understand, but the ones closest to it do. kelvin and possibly other Eldrid are the only ones who really understand Miko and what it does. I keep my friends and family close and hold them dear, they are also the ones who understand me. I am usually misunderstood by other people also but come across as friendly and helpful.

So, what about you?

Salutations, Marquis here - and I hate you, all.


Give Ambra the meditative nature of Alani and her puns

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Probably ISIC, but slightly less morbid. On bad days atleast. When I’m in a good mood it’s closer to Alani.

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Mix Alani, Kelvin, ISIC’s personalities and characteristics and you got me.

A surprising amount of people here are robots with bad puns

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ISIC for sure.

I was going to say ISIC too, but maybe Oscar Mike?

Or maybe he is what I aspire to be. Dudes got 8 cats!

But I haven’t really thought about the personalities of the Battleborn. Maybe super simple charasteristics. Most are pretty angry. A lot of black humor - the only humor us Finns have.

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Pendles and ISIC, though part of me relates to the relationship of shayne and aurox

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I am sustained, your grounded

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Depends on the day… From Kleese, Orendi, or Alani depending
Alcohol means Montana


I don’t have multiple personalities but how I act vary based on who’s around me and my mood. Near friends and those I feel close to its orendi. Crazy unstable but still can make jokes. Near people I hate it’s Marquis. Pretend to be polite but insult them and other junk. At work or at family arrangements pheobe. Eloquent and nice but not afraid to show joy but general well behaved.

And it goes on for othe areas. But I’m too lazy to type them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Somewhere in between a Toby/Benny/Kid Ultra

Hmm. Sober? Ernest. Relatively serious, good at following orders (and giving them), but still with a bit of a funny side. Drunk? Boldur crossed with Montana, perhaps with a bit of Rath mixed in. Joking around, doing stupid stuff with friends and laughing at everything that goes wrong, but with a rather dark, brooding underlay.

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Galilea is someone I relate to a lot (which is weird cuz she’s not exactly my favorite to play). On the flip side, I’m not unlike shayne. She seems goofy and pretty laid back. Not aurox, just shayne.

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Orendi… None of your damn business why!

If you mix Alani, Galilea, and Caldarius together I think you’ve got me. I’ll leave how it all comes together to your imagination.

Toby, probably. With a part of Marquis and Kleese.

Mellka, because win or lose, I’m having a drink.

Reyna as a secondary pick. Idk if she really fits my personality, I’m too distracted by dat booty.