Which Battleborn Work Well Together?

What combos have you found that are particularly effective? I mean, there’s the obvious Miko+Tank combo. Miko+Montana/Galilea is a pretty devastating recipe. Just gives them huge sustain and allows them stay in lane for nearly forever.

I’ve found Reyna works well with some of her fellow Rogues, Shayne & Aurox and Toby especially. Shamrox because they’re all about the shields so Reyna giving them extra shields and marking their target is great. Toby because he’s a sniper so you can get a lot of assists just for shielding Toby (whether he needs it or not) and of course marking Toby’s target just makes it all the easier for Toby to take him out. In general I find Reyna works really well with either Melee characters or Snipers, she’s not so great with people like Orendi as Orendi is too squirrelly and hard to hit with a shield booster. Plus, Orendi and other skirmisher types just don’t stay in lane all the time and I feel like Reyna works really well when she can keep people in lane and stay in lane herself.

What have you found that you like? Doesn’t have to be supports, which is kind of the easy way out as supports are supposed to, well, support other characters. :slight_smile:

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I’m surprised you didn’t mention Reyna and Orendi when you were talking about synergy among the Rogues. Another combo that surprised me was Kelvin and Shayne and Aurox. I saw this tag-team wrecking my team in a match once. Something I was not expecting.

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Orendi + Reyna are truly amazing, but at best you sit in the same room as your mate^^ My fiance plays Reyna while my main is Orendi, its awesome.
Phoebe & Reyna are glorious too, if you skill Phoebe in the right way. (Phasegate reset after shield breaks makes no big sense there and some other things should be carefully skilled)

I’ll just get the obvious combo out of the way: Alani and Marquis!

Oscar Mike and Orendi on Meltdown for the extreme wave clear, throw a Phoebe in there with Reyna in support and you don’t even need a fifth.


Phoebe and Rath hands down, everytime i play decent rath, you can pick any target and its dead in the matter of seconds, had couple of games where me and rath had 30kills+ by working together.

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Kleese and isic
Kleese and kelvin as well as he can restore his shield and later on kelvin get 30 damage reduction with its up.

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Surprisingly, Marquis and Phoebe works very well. Frighteningly well, in fact. I hate that combo, damn it. Especially when it becomes obvious they’re playing with a mic.

[quote=“stoproziom, post:6, topic:1524884”]
Phoebe and Rath hands down[/quote]

Ugh, I had a game where a Phoebe and Rath were double-teaming everyone, it was a nightmare. The two of them, even when not working together, are a big reason why I think the Sentry needs to be a lot more aggressive. The number of times a Phoebe or a Rath has chased me right in front of the Sentry’s nose and not been murdered, is ridiculous. Do something stupid Sentry.

They are amazing at pushing waves, I love Oscar Mike so much. I expected him to be bland soldier dude for people who wanted to play it “safe” or like a regular shooter but he’s hilarious.

See, I kind of prefer Reyna and Marquis just because Reyna can get a helix so that whoever she overshields gets a damage buff, and then she can mark Marquis’ target, and then yeah, game over man, game over. Alani and Marquis is beasty all the same.

Lol I thought tbe same thing, the basic “generic” character, turns out he’s much more than that.

Marquis and tody.
Tody shields marquis so you have no chance in out gunning him and marquis defends toby when you get close with his owls.
Also marquis with a extra 15 percent attack speed from the shield.

The only problem with that combo is now you have 2 snipers so that’s less bodies in lane. However, if the Marquis and Toby are good it doesn’t matter. I actually played a game recently where I was Reyna and we had a Marquis Toby combo and they were great. By the end of the game all I was doing was following them around shielding them and marking targets for them. I think we drove the enemy team insane, we were so dominant. If they started to push too hard on us we’d run away and I could often save them from death with a shield booster or my ult.

A Miko and Dragon combo is devastating especially late game. I have paired with POP on Dragon and he can wipe an entire team with a Miko on him.

If each is guarding a lane on Meltdown tje wave clear potential is phenomenal, especially is they use the accelerstors and thumpers as guards, bloody terrifying duo.