Which Battleborn would lose every 1v1?

So someone once posted who would be the king/queen of 1v1. I am wondering… What Battleborn is the worst of 1v1s? Who would lose against every single other Battleborn if nobody and nothing else is involved?

I think Miko would end up low, but I have a feeling one other Battleborn would be worse.

Toby. Toby’s strength is attacking from far away, but if you completely focus on him, it’s easy to chase him away. Even Melees can easily take him down if they get close. And I think it’s going to be really easy to get close to Toby in a 1v1 scenario.

So what do you guys think?

My “Toby is worst” is from a scenario in which it’s the start of a match, starting at level 1. Nothing and nobody else involved.

I see you have yet to face The Crimson Chin.


depends, if the toby got his leggy and can doublestun it shouldn’t be that easy to kill him.

miko can actually take good care of himself if he’s all alone and build around his damage.

If you ask me, sadly, Reyna has huge propblems if she has noone to overshield…

What do you mean even melees. Seriously though I would either miko because of that crit spot and low damage, or reyna, because although the slow is good if you take it, you are just prolonging your demise

I’ve easily killed Toby in Capture with Reyna. Many times. So I may agree with you

In a proper 1v1 setup, she should lose quite a lot, if not always.
She is the only character who actually has one skill that is useless when alone.
Her Ultimate is also not very helpful.

Now, if her overshield worked like when playing Solo PvE, things would be very different.

Nah, Toby can definitely handle his own even without his legendary. I’ve 1v1 gals with him and won. He’s surpassingly good at kiting with his jump boosts, cc mine and movement speed boosting shield.

I’d have to say Reyna generally requires teammate synergy to be good so she’d probably be the worst.


Yeah if he has his legendary. Cool. But how do you want to get to level 4 in a 1v1? If ya start at level 10, Toby may be able to 1v1 some but a lot of others would be able to get some pretty dope helixes to kick Toby’s ass.

A 1v1 in a already going match or a 1v1 private match. Also, were those people on your skill level?
I think that if you put players with the same skill and on the same level in a 1v1, Toby will almost always lose.

I did forget about Reyna you guys! I think she’d lose from everyone, but with the slow helix she could probably reck Toby though. XD

Actually I’d be willing to argue that Toby is one of the best 1v1 characters. A single stun + fully charged crits will guarantee kills against a significant portion of the cast. Not to mention his boosters give him fantastic mobility options, and he can even use these boosters while he’s charging up a railgun shot.

Reyna on the other hand is pretty bad in 1v1s. Considering that she can’t even use one of her skills when she’s by herself. Pre-level 9 Kid Ultra is pretty bad too since his hp pool is so low and his healing isn’t exactly the greatest. Though that completely flips around when he gets that god-tier stun.

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I think the only time Reyna might work well in a 1 v 1 is if it is a 1 v 1 private match with no bots, because this allows Reyna to use her overshield on herself like in solo story. Otherwise she’s in for a rough time. Still doable but it depends on a lot of factors.

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This is what we should be planning around, for a true 1v1. And believe me everybody, Toby is just so easily crit to death

Toby is definetly not the worse 1v1 character since there are melee in the game. Reyna is by far the worse 1v1 character in the entire game. Hands down. No discussion. Fact.

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You have to define the 1v1 situation. 1v1 can be either a melee or ranged 1v1.
Toby isn’t bad in both with his mines set to stun.

Also you have to take level in consideration. I assume the 1v1 is at Lv10. At Lv1, El Dragon is definitely the weakest dueler in ranged and melee combat.
As far as Lv10 goes, either Miko or Reyna. Reyna as others have mentioned due to the inability to overshield and her ultimate not being that useful, especially in melee range. The reason I put Miko in there is because Miko’s combat ability falls short at higher levels. 6 Kunais is a limiter as well as those kunais making Miko reload often. Biosynthesis also causes a slight delay in reloading. I think Miko’s combat ability is worse than Reyna’s, but Reyna has less survivability than Miko when alone.

There’s also the loadouts/helix’s to consider. Is this 1v1 taking place in a regular 5v5 match and it just turned into a 1v1? Or is it a 1v1 where it’s only the 2 Battleborn?

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Easy: The one I choose to play in that match. :disappointed_relieved:
The only 1v1 I was victorious in yet were a wounded Orendi and a half dead Rath… More training required.

In general I´d say Reyna. She a evil monster in a crowd, but if alone she is rather easy to face (for a better player than me, duh). Most other characters have escape-movement skills or AoE at hand.


Huh. Level 10 versions of the characters is something to consider as well… In that instance it definetly may be Miko. Reynas ability to crit Miko may very well outshine mikos ability to Kunai her back

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That was already said by me. Level and helixes is up to you guys. If you want to give your opinion on both level 10/from level 1, go ahead. I do have to edit mine that from level 1 probably everyone would win from Toby. Not Reyna though.

Reyna eats Miko alive. Dat crit zone…

Reyna - she loses her most defining ability. She has great damage with pistol crits, but when we have to assume that she’d crit her shots to win, it’s a concession that she’s got an uphill battle.

It’s easier for Reyna to do heavy damage to Miko than vice versa (especially with Priority Target), but a good, evasive Miko should eventually win that fight because it can CC, kite, and recuperate. Miko is a good little kiter thanks to spores, venom, and biosynthesis, and kunai crits on Reyna are far from impossible.

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And Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonnnderrr!

On topic: My answer is Galilea. Worst 1v1 in Solus

Galilea with the CC chain? I think she’d do VERY well in 1v1s. As in, one of the better characters, Health regen, shield, CC and some more CC…

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