Which BB character would be the best/worst roommate

Which character do you think would be the best roommate and the other who would be the worst if you both lived in a Mansion/Apartment/House/Etc.


I think Montana would be an awesome room mate.


I dunno, but maybe Alani would be good at cleaning the tile floors :p.


Ambra. Too much drama. Too much sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Too much control freak.


Gotta tuck in those shirts man. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Best, uhhm Toby probably.

Worst? Orendi, I’m a neat freak and I wouldn’t like her burning everything in digital hellfire. Don’t wanna wake up in the middle of te night with her whispering softly in my ear “show me them guts, fella”


Best roommates:

  • Oscar Mike : TV parties, Bro-stuff, mutual catlover.

  • Alani : She is kind, wants to hang out with snacks and with her nano-water dishes clean themselves.

  • Rath : Disciplined calm guy. Also I bet he´s a great cook. Don´t know why I have this impression, but it would fit great.

  • Montana : Super friendly dude, mutual catlover.

Worst roommates:
(Even if I love this 3 very very much)

  • Ambra : I´ll be damned to scrub, clean and tidy up forever while being yelled at…

  • Orendi : While destroying everything I hold dear she´d probably try to grill & eat every pet I´ll ever own.

  • Shayne : Kleptomanic.
    (Also not so pleasant: Phoebe, Kleese, Marquis, Attikus. Miko could be an issue, depending on how much spores it spreads…)


Worst? Attikus and Boldur because I think they’d smell like crap, they’re loud, and that’d get annoying.
Best? Deande and Alani for me. Me and Alani could meditate together and have profound conversations here and there. Deande because she seems like she’d be pretty chill and I feel like we’d have fun and laugh a lot, honestly.


Worst might be Pendles - always stealing your socks for his puppet shows… Plus, you’d never be sure whether he really was out when he said he would be.


Oh god, yes, these 2 would be horrible roommates too! :fearful:

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No, she would be too busy cracking puns.

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Worst: Kelvin
Everything would be wet. The conversation would be great, but I’d have to live in a house that’s constantly wet. No.

Best: Ambra
I enjoy cleaning


Right, forgot that its necessary to teach her humor and/or how to shut up before moving in with her…

Just had the same thought when your post popped up! :smile:


Orendi would be the worst, as others have said already she’d be too busy destroying everything I hold dear.

I’d honestly take it for the entertainment xD

Best: Orendi Mellka and Reyna
Worst: Phoebe Kleese and Marquis…OMG no…

BTW…I Hate Kleese

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He’s a 2100 year old artisan craftsman. He shows a desire to learn new techniques constantly so that’s probably why you think he’s a good cook. I would also agree, after all that time alive he’s probably learned some really good recipes. I would also like to have him as a roommate because I feel like I could learn a lot about anything from him. Same is true with all of the sustained but I feel he would be more willing to teach.


Best: Oscar Mike: Hanging with my Bros!

Worst: Phoebe: She won’t shut up!

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Montana would probably be the best, Boldur definitely the worst.

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I could put up with the random chance of being disemboweled in my sleep well enough. I don’t think I could take more than a day or two of having Ernest waking me up at the crack of dawn with an explosion in the yard and him yelling, “All right maggots, wake 'em and shake 'em. Time for drills!”


The best is either Ghalt or Toby. Ghalt because he would be working all the time and never home and you know he would never be late with rent or the bills. Toby, he is so nice and adorable, even if he walks around in the mech suit, he will always be apologizing and being cute. Miko would be good if you have a yard or something that he could spend time outside.

The worst would be… so many to chose from:
Ambra- the drama
Attikus- the emotional issues
Benedict/Ernest- Feathers everywhere
Boldur- Being selfish
Kelvin- Taking up too much space
Kleese- He is creepy, who wants to live with an old dude?
Marcus- He probably will think you are beneath him
Orendi- She would never pay rent and you would be too scared of her to ask
Pendles- The invisibility would constantly freak me out.
Phoebe- Why would someone so rich want a roommate? Paying for a friend? To many issues there for me.
Shayne- Kid is a minor, not touching this.

Finally, I think the worst overall roommate would be Mike, only because you meet him and are like, this guy is awesome! Then you realize he tries so damn hard to be your friend and is all up in your space all the time.

This may just show my personality and tastes, but…