Which Borderlands game did you play first and what's your favourite?

So I’ve been getting into some discussion on another post about the merits of Borderlands 1 and 2 compared to each other and it got me thinking, I was wondering which Borderlands game other people had played first since it might affect their perspective a bit, not here to say anyone is right or wrong, just curious as to what you think, so just post below which one you played first and which one you liked the most.

Personally I played BL1 then BL 2 then Pre-Sequel.

BL 1 is my fave story wise and BL 2 is my favourite in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

But more interested in what you guys thing, please leave comments below.


Played 2 1st then TPS then 1.
My favorite is 2 just for the massive amount of content and well Axton is great

1 is in 2nd, i like it. Haven’t played dlc, but they add more content to a already good game.

Tps is last, but last in this franchise is better than 1st in most others. Great characters, but lack of content. Takes forever to get to lvl 70. Best skill trees in the series


Played 2, then bought the triple pack on PS3 and played TPS then 1 then I do tales.

2 is my favorite overall, i like the loot system in 1 and claptastic voyage is my favorite DLC.


BL1 when it came out and BL2 few years ago when I bought it on sale (have been binge playing BL2 for the last few weeks, actually). I recently picked up TPS on sale but haven’t played it yet.

I like the atomosphere and loot system of BL1 the best, though I enjoy the BL2 much more due to QoL and game play improvements.


1, 2, and then the presequel. They all appeal to me equally, for different aesthetic reasons. Regardless of the inconsistencies I enjoy the story through all three. It’s like the Roger Rabbit books, the details shift from one to the next, but it’s because toons play fast and loose with history. I’ve got the most time in BL2, but I’d chalk that up to all of the content. So I’d have to say that my favorite is whichever one I’m playing at the moment. I’m not good with decisions, and when I can’t decide I let RNGSUS, in the form of a six sided die, choose for me. I’ve not been let down by that process yet.


I’ve gotten all three ( not Tales ) as they came out.

  • BL1 I like the most for atmosphere ( that feeling you get when you arrive at new maps :smiley: ) , but have a hard time with the clunkiness now after playing the other two. Great DLCs all of them - truly spectacular.
  • BL2 is the champion of all games. Movement speed is a bit annoying, but that’s really my only complaint.
  • TPS - as Pie said : amazing skill trees, poor content and exasperating leveling. That UVHM leveling forces one into power-leveling to keep one’s sanity. Other than Clap & Jack, the voice acting makes me want to vomit, so I mute the dialogue. Again, the lack of content and the dearth of truly interesting maps keep me from coming back.

I played 1 first… it had my attention at release, but the way it was described made me think it wasn’t much in the way of a first-person shooter, and I never got it. Years later, a friend showed me the light.

2 is my favorite, with the Pre-Sequel a close second.


BL1, then BL2, then TPS.

BL1 is my nostalgic favorite and has my favorite overall mood, but BL2 is the one I’ve put (by far!) the most hours into and have gotten the most enjoyment out of overall. I do enjoy TPS and it has some great things going for it, but I feel like it could have spent a little more time in the oven in regards to level design and endgame content.

  • First: BL2
  • Favorite: TPS. But that’s because skill trees are my favorite part of the Borderlands franchise (and the improvements made did more than just what shows at face value), and the mass improvement to mobility is also a feature that makes it easy to pick TPS as number one.

I’ve played Borderlands 1 first, and I don’t think I’ll ever decide which one is my favourite between BL2 and TPS.

In the one hand BL2 is much more challenging and has IMO a better “replayability”, but TPS’ aesthetics, improvement, gear, characters and especially soundtrack make it hold a special place in my heart. I know that we have the UCP now but it’s a shame this game didn’t have OP levels or some end-game feature that would make the game more difficult, then it would’ve been my absolute favourite Borderlands game.


I played BL2 first, then BLTPS, then BL1. Contrary to what I’ve read on different websites and different discussions, I don’t think BL2 is better than the others. Every game has something that it does better than the other 2 in my opinion, and that’s why every one of those games feels like a totally different experience for me. It allows me to circle between games and get different experiences out of them all while being in the same world and having a connected backstory. I cannot name another game franchise that gives me that feel, and that’s part of what makes Borderlands (the franchise) so great and so much fun.


I started with BL1 and I feel it still has the best atmosphere and loot system in the series.

That said, I rank BL1 & BL2 equally. TPS comes in below those two.


BL1 first then BL2. I like BL1 a lot, it’s a very good game, but I prefer the style, atmosphere, story, humor, characters, dialogue and gameplay of BL2 by a long shot. I personally think it’s a far more developed and engaging game in every single aspect.


BL2 first, played as Axton (no one told me Maya was best for newbies yet), extremely frustrating experience, thought it was incredibly hard (until I somewhat got my head around to the facts of how the game worked) beat NG and basically never played again

TPS a year or so later, played as Nisha and realized the game was incredible! Afterward went back to BL2, picked Maya complete and utter blast as I realized Maya is the game on easymode.

Got BL1 to play thought it was very good also, especially with Mordecai, very fun. A year or so later when I got my XB1 I realized I could go back and enjoy BL1 again seeing as XB1 allows you to change controls even though the game does not.

BEST - I would have said TPS until like a half year ago then yeh I would agree BL2 with all it’s fine DLC and everything is best.

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I played them in order as they came out, I think BL1 is the best and hardest , but BL2 is the most fun of the three. the PS was good but lacked something, I like all the characters, but the Command is my favorite although the Siren is a close second. Hopefully the next release, if it ever gets out will be a good mix of all.

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I got BL1 GOTY edition when it released and was blown away by all of it. It was the only FPS I ever really couldn’t get enough of. The atmosphere, characters, the overall look of it and humor were just so cool and insanely fun. Then BL2 came out. For whatever reason, and I can’t recall why, but I held off getting it until the GOTY edition came out and to this day haven’t finished it. Even waited until the BL2/ TPS combo was released and got that. Still have yet to finish BL2 although I played it a bunch and haven’t even touched TPS yet.

So it’s safe to say BL1 is my favorite.

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I played them in the order they were released. I’ve enjoyed TPS & BL2 equally in first place and BL1 in second place. Have fun :sunglasses:

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I remember not having a clue about pandora or its awesome characters, just judging the game solely on its looks and ignoring bl. Then I received a copy of gameinformer with bl2 on the cover… the rest is history. BL2=GOAT! I played TPS next, i enjoyed this game a bit less than two. I finally got around to playing BL last year. After the last half a decade of enjoying the colors and humor of pandora and elpis, i found it hard for myself to get into the game the same as the the other 2. Reading other’s experiences, i am sure i would have had a different point of view of BL if i were to have played it first. But who knows, it may have turned me away from pandora forever… i am grateful that i found the series the way i did…thanks gearbox


I played them as they were released.

Borderlands 2…
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel…

I love them all. But my true love lies with the original. I always come back to it. and find myself not wanting to leave. The atmosphere with the original is what I love. The way it makes you feel when you load into T-bone Junction. the soundtrack, the visuals. Now being on PC, the original is where I’m currently focused. The loot system makes it so much harder to find those rare items. the feeling you get when you finally get that drop, is satisfying beyond belief. Its almost like a drug, for lack of a better word/term. I am addicted to Borderlands and love it too much. It’s a lifestyle…at least for me. :sunglasses::heart_eyes:


I’ve been playing a lot of the original lately too. Alternating between a new Lil and a Roland who had just started PT2 when I last left him. Probably gonna concentrate more on the Roland because I’m in a nostalgic mood with that game and Roland was my first character. :slight_smile:

Itching to play through the DLC, I haven’t done those in a while (aside from random sessions of Knox/Craw farming with other, older max level characters)