Which boss has the best bang for the buck?

I’ve been doing some farming, and some bosses seem to be stingier than others. Gigamind is an easy kill and seems to be pretty generous with the legendaries. Killavolt is similar, although a little harder. Graveward is harder to kill, and in my opinion, doesn’t drop as many legendaries.

Which boss has the best drops with the least effort? And, is there a boss that drops weapons with higher scores? (One would expect that later story bosses drop better gear than earlier story bosses, but it doesn’t seem to be the case)

Rampager drops quite a bit but takes a bit longer with the long immunity stages. Captain traunt is usually pretty good for me as well and you can melt him pretty quick on m4.

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Traunt is usually pretty good as well as his chests at the exit. Giga is the easiest and has world drops. Graveward drops pretty easy with a molten infinity to his crit spots (it keeps the adds at bay as they never spawn.)

What’s this?

I’ve been doing Jabbermowgai recently, just gotta keep hitting with cryo to multiply. A lot of the drops are magnificent and sprinklers, but there’s always world drops too. This is normal result of a run, which for me is using all my shotgun ammo then go again, I’d say 10 or so minutes a run. Honestly takes more time checking what gear dropped than killing them lol.


I’d love to get an Infinity. It’ll drop for me eventually. In the meantime, I’ve got a Hangin’ Chadd, which is similar in principle although a little under powered and the fire rate is nothing to scream about.

I’ll give Jabbermogwai a try. Thanks.

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Gigamind. He takes like 30 seconds to kill with the right gear.

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To get him to multiply hit cryo on him when he’s in the water. I start using the night hawken to multiply 10ish then cryo recursion creates awesome rebound on the group respawning more. Then switch to fire to kill most, rinse and repeat.

When who’s in the water?

I’ve been farming Gigamind because he’s quick and easy.

NVM. I guess you meant Jabbermogwai.

Jabbermowgai. It’s a gremlins Easter egg, don’t get it wet. So when he’s in the water in front of his spawn point, cryo creates a duplicate of him, which repeats so you can get a bunch of low HP bosses on screen simultaneously, hence the amount of drops on screen. Good for guardian rank experience too.

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Captain Traunt on M4 with proper gear, takes me just as long to check the 3 forward chests & 2 rear chests. Drops prolly avg 3 but sometimes as many as 7. I was getting as many legendary world drops (from chests) as I was from Traunt. The new ammo machine is handy too.

As for gear my Amara w/shock cutsman (+250%) & driver is a pretty fast fight.

Edit: I tried Gigamind for awhile but found Traunt more rewarding

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Short answer, no. Unless/until Gbox changes their attitude toward solo play, farming is all about quantity not quality. Regardless of who you farm, don’t expect anything close to “god-roll” quality gear.

Legendary drops will be plentiful but anointments scarce. Coms and artifacts will almost never drop with the more coveted stats such as +%weapon damage. None this changes as you increase difficulty; TVHM M4 will net you more drops but the quality will not improve in any meaningful way.

If you’re just looking to fill out your collection of legendaries and play around with some new guns then solo farming is certainly viable and I would add K-ball to your list. However, if you’re looking for higher quality anointed gear that will help you move up in difficulty tiers, you’re better off hoping into multiplayer with a bunch of randos at the highest tier you can manage.

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Unfortunately, that’s been my experience so far. I farmed Unstoppable, Road Dog and KBall for a few hours tonight TVHM/M2. Saw multiple Stop Gaps, Hellwalkers, Red Line, Maggies, Brainstormers, Tsunamis and lots of other legendaries. The only anointed lego was a Woodblocker. :roll_eyes:. Overall drop rates were fine, rare spawns appeared, but was really hoping for higher quality anointeds.

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on Graveward drops, all the anointed are blues & greens. I did finally get a Ward shield but it was vanilla. Lot s of Maleks & Lobs [yuk].

yup, i love going after that little jabber dude, he’s a good gear dropper, also hellfire I believe is a dedicated drop for him and that gun is amazing on FoE Amara.

i bring along my ice predatory lending, so the amount i can spawn is endless, and then just slaughter them down to 1 and repeat.

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Tried it giving my clone an Arctic Helix while I ran around with a fire crossroads this morning for 10 minutes and was good times. Lots and lots of trash legendary but all RNG, looking forward to the longer run tonight.

10 mins:


gigamind for time spent and traunt for being fun :slight_smile:

graveward feels like they tanked him because he was so easy to kill before :rofl:

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I just got a cryo infiniti, it’s my new favourite way to spawn them. Then lob cryo recursion when there’s enough in a group, which with my annointments also adds fire and corrosive elements, plus shock from Amara AS, then listen to the dings of drops and watch guardian experience jump lol.