Which bosses drop which legendaries

Wondering if anyone knows which BB campaign bosses drop character specific legendary gear?

so far, arachnis has dropped the 1514C firmware upgrade, which is a watch that boosts spell damage and every spell has an X percent to reduce all cooldowns by 2 seconds.

isic dropped legendary gloves that cause enemies who you damage to LOSE attack power.

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Are these items only from advanced difficulty? I’ve never seen one, but I haven’t done a ton of story missions either.

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Nevermind just got Codex Fragment legendary from the Archives boss Gunhulk on normal mode, +skill damage, -recoil and “stack +0.59 skill damage when taking damage max 10 stacks”

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Trying to farm the Aracnhis legendary, I need that for my Caldarius build.

AFAIK, character specific legendary gear only comes from completing all of their lore challenges. As for any other legendary gear, I haven’t seen any drop, so I can’t help you there.

Can def confirm character specific legendaries drop from completing the lore challenges. Not too many answers on the others out there though.

Some (all?) bosses seem to drop specific legendaries but the drop rate is low. I think advanced ups the drop chance but not certain.

I think you get the character specific legendaries by completing the top right corner lore.

You get legendary character specific gear from completing all the lore for that character but you also can get gear from the bosses in story mode (normal or advanced). I’ve gotten a few but these I remember getting (and they just upped the rate of boss legendary drops in this last update):

Henchman (Algorithm)

Geoff (Algorithm)

Bagranth the Gunhulr (The Archive)

No, you get character specific legendaries when you complete ALL lore challenges.

Mentalmars has a list of story levels. Inspecting each can show drops from it.

Normal drops can be found in other difficulties. Advanced drops only in advanced.

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I linked this on reddit a while ago, but this is a table I put together of story mode loot. I try to keep it updated, please let me know if it needs updates (instructions in table)

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Hope this helps