Which bosses for the weekly 7 raid bosses?

Soooo… I’ve just done the Maliwan takedown on true takedown mode twice… Valkyries and Wotan counted towards the weekly 7 raid bosses on the first run, but not the second…
I suppose I need to turn my attention to the Guardian takedown (two more bosses) and Hemovorous (one boss?)…
Still, I’m stuck at 5…
Does anyone know which other bosses my count towards the weekly?

What is the challenge exactly? Cause my weekly challenge is “kill 300 CoV”.

“KIll 7 raid bosses”. I got that too (not happening, GBX…).

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Just kill Hemovorous couple times, should count each kill.

Easier said than done… :slight_smile:

I just did Maliwan Takedown and could have sworn my count went to 2/7. When I switched to a character at Agonizer my count went to 0/7. So there’s that

Turn off mayhem? It’s easy fight then.

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I guess I could waste a couple of hours doing the takedowns. Thank god I can’t just kill Graveward for 5min. to gain the same amount of xp. :thinking:

Doing these challenges wouldn’t even be worth it if they gave 1000% the current xp.

You could stretch it to 6 by killing Vermivorous in the Hemovorous fight but I don t see where you ll find a 7th different boss, this challenge is probably bugged.

I’m pretty sure bosses are technically meant to count if you fight them repeatedly too. Might be a bug. Also, you apparently have to kill them all on the same character.


Edit: Forget it, I somehow thought he had invincible in his name. The only other Invincible would be Spongeboss, but I can’t imagine that he would count.

If this isn’t bugged maybe The Seer counts, seeing how absurd its HP are?

Also thanks, I had no idea Vermivorous made its return.

Sorry if I spoiled you I thought this cat was out of the bag

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No, I meant that seriously. I had no idea that this was a thing :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree it’s probably a(nother) bug… I’ll try again later

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