Which Character Are you Going to Play First? Take two (informed choice)

  • Amara
  • FL4K
  • Moze
  • Zane
  • Undecided

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I know this poll already exists. But, that poll was started months ago with little actual information on each character. Now were are approaching the final stretch with release a mere month away, we have character bios, introduction videos, and most importantly, full knowledge of the skill trees. Im curious to know if peoples choices have changed? I know that my opinion has… so who now is the most popular choice?


A permanent pet is just too cool. Many different playstyles seem possible, awesome voice, so is the hobo robot concept in general.
Will probably start an Amara and a Moze almost immediately anyway.

The Tiger hungers…

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Ya know, it is good to have a BFF when playing Borderlands. :slight_smile:

My BFF weighs in at 15 tons and has a dislike for COV minions. :smiley:


After all the info we have been given Moze is still my 1st choice. Straight up in your face offensive character. Or as i like to say…"Moze is an equal opportuity enemy offender, she will offend all enemies equally! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Interesting to see Zane is seemingly less favoured on the forums. He’s polling for 2nd on reddit, and was tied w/ Moze in Pitchord’s poll on twitter for 2nd. Similarly, Amara’s the least popular in those.

Results is consistent so far on the old poll. :wink:

Still Fl4k for me. Seeing his skill tree just cinched it for me. Currently planning on focusing on Jakobs weapons with him, particularly shotguns.


Going for the pet!

not anymore lol. Old poll did favor FL4K, but now its almost half the people are picking FL4K and the other 3 are pretty even.

I was on the fence whether I should go for Moze or Zane, but I ended up going for Zane.

His skills makes him look like a mix between Wilhelm and Athena, two of my favorite characters in TPS, and he seems to be pretty good with assault rifles, which are my favorite weapons.

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Their skill tree. Weapons with them. FL4K goes by “they/them” pronouns. Just a heads up. Lot of people getting that wrong.

BACK ON TOPIC! I kinda expected the results to be similar to the previous poll. FL4K has just garnered so much love and I can’t blame them. I’m still leaning towards Amara simply for her personality, but I suspect that I’ll change my mind when I get the game in my hands and give myself a bit more time to mull over their personalities.

I would pick Moze, but, while her trailer was great, she seems fairly standard soldier protagonist in many ways. Fun, but a stoic soldier. Zane is a tad zaney and I imagine keeping his kill skills active won’t be too hard once I get the hang of things. FL4K looks amazing and I love them, but they look like the character that’ll have the easiest time cheesing through the game (a temptation I’m not sure I need right off the bat) so I’m hesitant to pick them first. Amara just speaks to me. She is cool. She can be funny. She is fierce. She is a Siren. IDK. Amara for now, but perhaps things will change.

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I honestly don’t know who I will play first, but I know who I will play last - FL4K. He by far looks to have the least interesting skills. I’m looking at either Moze or Zane.

He’s a fictional character. I don’'t think his feelings will be hurt… People know who/what is being talked about regardless what pronouns are used, and that’s ultimately all that matters.


I am aware of how he refers to himself. However, he still appears to be a singular entity so I will continue to refer to him with the pronoun that does double duty for male and gender neutral cases in English. I may change my tune if he turns out to be a collective entity.


FL4K’s pronouns are ‘they/them’. You are not forced change your beliefs or viewpoint, but we’re clarifying and confirming that that is how the character is written, and as such should be referred to. Please remember that this forum’s rules include not attacking others for their beliefs.

That is Gearbox’s official stance on the matter. As such, it would be greatly appreciated if people respected that and obliged by using the correct pronouns. (the odd slip up may happen, that’s understandable, but it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to try)


why would I play as Fl4k, judging from votepool Fl4k is gonna be most played VH so I am bound to see them anyway.

besides I am already gonna play Moze, and judging from game´s size, I am gonna play her a long time


I will play all 4 of them anyway, so my “first” will be decided at random. Dice of destiny, I summon thee!

My gut instinct is that Fl4k would be perfect and that’s why I’m “undecided” as I fear that they are too much of a one-note-character. I love the cut and dry way their german voice is and how they are basically just mumbling for the sake of hunter’s narration, but I decided to let my first Vault Hunter be chosen at random.

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Gearbox are serious. And as to why, deliberately misgendering people can, and may, cause offense to people using the forum.

From the forum rules.

no racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic slurs, and other such behavior detrimental to conversation.

For brevity they didn’t list every single thing that the rules covers, but it does extend to them all. I know in the UK at least there’s 9 “protected characteristics” that people can take action if they’re discriminated against for. They include Sexuality, Gender and Race.

Ultimately, referring to FL4K as a “he/him/his” knowingly is misgendering. As was said, the odd slip-up will happen, that is understandable.

A fictional character wrote (either in part or in whole) by someone who, unless I’m mistaken, is non-binary themselves and as such has the right, as their creator, to dictate.