Which Character Are you Going to Play First?

Borderlands 3 is just around the corner so AT this point whose vault hunter are you leaning to play first?

  • Amara (Siren)
  • Zane (Operative)
  • Flak (Beastmaster)
  • Moze (Soldier)

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Here are some speculations on the new vault hunters from the world wide web.

Amara (Siren)

  • a melee focussed character similar to Brick from Borderlands 1.
  • 3 actions skills (Phaselock that can hold 3 enemies at once; Groundpound skill; Self-projection that can fire at enemies)
  • Buff character.

Zane (Operative/Assassin)

  • Similar to Zer0 from Borderlands 2 as he will be able to throw out a decoy to draw aggro.
  • Wealthy character as he has some classier character customizations.

Flak (Beastmaster)

  • Pet class Vault Hunter who can choose between 3 different pets
  • Each pet will have its own abilities.
  • Is a robot and looks like a “homeless” person.

Moze (Soldier)

  • Very tech and robot featured and is able to call in a mech titan
  • Will have a co-op focused skill tree which will allow a co-op buddy to climb on the titan and control its mounted turret.



On bl2 i played axton as my first character for about the first 250 hours, so id go with something as similar as possible like the soldier, and after ill do the beast master, after i get those maxed out with the best gear ill dabble in the other two. but i have to say off all the bl games this one is the only game that makes me actually interested in all the characters, or maybe that because its been 4 years since we have had something new lol


I love me my pet classes, but Amara looks amazing! If Flack is too grenade focused (and grenades aren’t doing it for me) or if I just ain’t feelin’ it with them I’m swapping to her. Zane looks sweet (and like me oddly), but I wasn’t a huge fan of Zer0. Hope he turns out a bit more like Jack in the PS.


Amara. Siren. Dibs.

And also, those abs.


based on the stuff i saw about em a while back, Beastmaster will be my first play through.

Flak, then Zane, then Moze and Amara.


I would say Amara, cause all the rest looks kinda poor for me. My first impression is that it’s the worst roster of Vault Hunters, but I need to see skill trees to tell more.


interesting perspective, what made the other vault hunters in earlier games stand out more?


As n00b tendencies dictate, I have to start with the Soldier.

It’s just how I roll, and I have precedent; started with Roland in 1, Axton in 2, and what little I’ve done in TPS was first with Athena.


in other sites Amara and Flak is also the favorites. Moze is probably the default character (tech demo) like Axton, and Zane looks mysterious and powerful just like Zero, maybe.


TPS characters looked pretty idiotic at first blush but they turned out to be brilliant (mostly).

But yes, Amara seems to give the most favourable first impression.


I should amend myself by saying Amara will be my first solo character, but I’m most likely going to start at least two of the others for co-op purposes concurrently; my wife and I will likely have a dedicated co-op game going (she likes pet classes so she’s going with Flak, and I’ll probably go with Moze in that game), and I will probably want another for playing online with others. :smiley:

(If there are four Mozes playing, will we be able to all ride each other’s mechs? :clown_face:)


Hard to tell just yet. I’m a gun player and so perhaps Zane.
Amara could be fun if there is a good balance between melee and gun.
Flak bothers me because of the animal following him around. I never could get used to Gaige’s tin can hanging around.
Moze makes me think of an older Gaige and I thought I saw a device hovering above her shoulder in the video.


I expect to have 3 of each by the end of the year :stuck_out_tongue:


i might change my mind as well once I see the skill trees.


well for me, Borderlands 1 I chose to use Roland. My brother chose Mordecai.

I always went with specifics when choosing the hunter. First being design, then skills and the overall weapon choice they are better with.

BL2 had a lot of hunters, but I chose at the time Axton since a shooter with a gun turret was my very first choice.

Either way, i would choose whoever and try to do each side mission the first run to get a feel of what to expect. followed by the outcome of the rewards/drop


But who will you play after you make the 12 mules? :rofl:


that is zane’s i think.


The Siren for now, but if the Beastmaster is a Melee character I’m definitely playing as this cyberpunk badass.


I usually play as the Siren but I think I’m going to play as the Soldier.

Because I like robots.


The other trailer. It moves and stays right with her. looks like she has a Pokémon :rofl:

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