Which character is -shield delay good on?

Which character makes good use of the Time Killer, too?

Trying to think about this…

-Shield recharge delay can be okay on Shaurox since she typically wants to keep her shield up, but recharge rate benefits her more as it reduces full charge time by four seconds as opposed to one second delay time, and is especially beneficial when shield stacking. Overall, I don’t think it’s a worthy stat, with a few legendary exceptions such as Comeback King and Doomsday Key. I don’t think the Time Killer is worth 1,800 shards either to be honest.

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Shayne has the helix at level 5 where her skills prompt her shield to start charging anyways.

I think Ghalt can benefit from shield delay, but mainly through the Hidden Charger legendary.

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Yeah I use this on Shayne, but as you said with the level 5 it’s not really necessary.

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