Which character roles do you find yourself liking most?

For me, I think I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades, master of none. I’ve always preferred “tactikool” stuff, though, so that probably explains my maining of the complex Pendles and the trap-laying Ghalt.

But which do you like doing the most? Tank? Rescue? Harasser? Pocket heals? Controller or disruptor? Other?

My gimmick seems to be consistently being the one killed for “First Blood” in any given match.

I wish I was joking!


Did you ever play the pre WU S&A? She used to be quite the jack of all trades, but recent QoL changes have nerfed some of her ability to do other roles. @MeltedCow

I often play an assassin, or people that can have huge mobility and higher burst damage. Its more fun to jump around and make people regret their life dessicions, than to play the lane game. But thats just me. :slight_smile:

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I’m the same; Jack-of-all-Trades but master at none. I typically main supports though, and to some degree snipers. The last few months me and others have positioned myself as a Miko main, which is true in some aspect but it still somewhat skeweres the impression of what I play as, especially since Imce barely played Miko the last few weeks.


I meant, jack of all trades as in, I can fill in any character role… so, technically, Shayne is/was the JoaT, but I never much liked her, oddly enough…


haha this is me in No More Room In Hell, I always think that since I have 500+ hours in the game then I can handle anything! And then I get gang banged by 5 runner zomies xD

Oh wait this is also me in Battleborn PvE that I’ve been playing with peeps recently b/c we can’t find matches w/ pre-mades of 5

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Well, I kinda fell away after the WU, but the biggest weakness with their kit was being spotted while stealthing, which is currently really easy (due to slow.) I did like their kit, as it could make a forgiving Assassin/Initiator/Tank, but you where always going to be in the thick of the action, which sometimes doesn’t offer much choice to do other things (Like farm shards, or Thralls, or do anything alone.) You had to play Assassin S&A to get privacy and Alone time, so to speak.


Is “girl with sharp fans” a role?

Big reason why I beelined to advanced Heliophage after release was that Deande just reminded me of my first main I had in a video game (points at avatar, but it was the MK2 version) and I like hit and run tactics (that’s why I also played Raptor in Turok: Rage Wars most of the time).

I’m probably more successful as support character when I can stay a little bit in the background and don’t die that much, but most fun for me is playing Assassins.


Snipers and assassins mainly.

In other words I’m that one assh*le who always locks in dps


I used to love playing healer but my brother told me it was a waste of my talents. Now I mostly main assassins because I love being the guy that comes out of nowhere and ■■■■■ ■■■■ up

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Assassins and support are probably my favourites.


A friend of mine once told me my playstyle us that of a “roamer” if I recall correctly. I don’t play mobas very much so I might have that wrong. Essentially I end up taking on the roll of supporting my team but not in healing, more in peeling for the squishies on my team and helping out the DPS characters secure kills. I work very well with those assh*oles that always lock in dps. I also play regular supports pretty well and tanks if needed.


Well, I play mostly with 3 characters and I consider them all my mains (if that is possible).

Miko (healer), Boldur (tank), Ghalt (controller/dps). The roles I like the most are the ones that can be more useful to my team - that is why I often choose my character after all my team.

In fact, I just don’t use to play one role: pure dps (a.k.a: Pendles) :smiley:

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I used to only play support but in Battleborn I feel I can have fun with other classes too. Usually I just fill in to whatever my team needs, I’ve got a pretty ok grasp on every role. Jack of all trades, yeah?
Still hate tanking though.

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Love supports of all type. Also love controller and wave clear.

Not too into pure dps /sniper / assassin…except Caldarius. I have seen the light and good caldarius players are some of the most fun sights to behold. Trying to emulate.

Supports of all type by far are my fav…except for kleese. He’s just too round and large and is simply too much of an easy target always (skill shots are so easy to land on him of course) so he’s super stressful to play against a legit team.

I find the reason i like caldarius so much is because of a role i made up a looooong time ago, back in that korean game called Rakion - i played a ninja, which is a low attack damage, low health class, but they were the fastest in the game, and their damage came from timing hard to land immunity skills (grips), and not dying came from their immunity movement frames that required timing to pull off as well.

i put all my points in health.

so, i couldnt kill anyone to save my life.

but i could keep an entire team distracted for an abhorrent amount of time, and wear them out.

i did this tactic as shayne in the pc league capture matches this weekend. :smiley:

max health gear is very nice for me, lol

I am the silent killer
Watch for me in the shadow
I am well hidden
I do not hold the aggro

I am a charade
You should Never trust me
For If you end up on my list
You will cease to be

I am the whisper in your ear
And the blade in your back
If you have been killed by Burst Dash
Then you know this is a fact

How many times have you had to respawn?
How many times were you the pawn?

I strike my targets faster than lightning
But the shock turrets strike faster
It’s frightening

I like to play Assassin type roles
Can you tell?
Just mention a target
And I’ll give em Hell


What a great ode to Pendles :stuck_out_tongue:

Except the Burst Dash part, that seems like Deande


Ode to assassins
And my play style

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Best Reyna NA

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