Which character shines in which role? Which are your favourite ones?

(Is the thread title grammatically correct?)

Hey there,

I wonder which character is best in which roles/setups in your opinion or which one do you like the most. Which item setups for each character seem to be the most efficient? Which skills are mandatory for you?

  • Athena as a pure melee brawler? Or more like an elemental godess? Or a hybrid setup?
  • Wilhelm as a a guy with all sorts of lasers? Or more of a sniper? Close-range or long-range? Or just a pet master who tries to keep his companions buffed up?
  • Nisha as a gunslinger, sniper or shotgun close-quarter-combatant?
  • Claptrap as Claptrap, Fragtrap or a mistake?
  • Jack/Timothy as a [insert megalomaniac-sounding term here]

I love/enjoy (and therefore they are the most effictive ones IMO :smiley:) the following setups for my characters:

  • Athena: my beloved Fridgia or Excalibastard in combination with a melee-gun hybrid build and some shocking results (2:2:1 skill tree setup)
  • Wilhelm: Cryo sniper with standard sniper rifles and railgun lasers (2:1:2 skill tree setup)
  • Nisha: Cryo godess for some insane freeze and crit combos (1:2:2 skill tree setup)
  • Claptrap: Cryo & explosive specialist with some Torgue and Tediore equipment (2:2:1 skill tree setup)
  • Jack/Timothy: don’t know because I haven’t played him yet
  • Athena: Trying to go as much melee as possible, but she does require some gunplay - I am using her as a tank/healer in co-op, she is perfect for setting things up nice so others can knock em down. Bladed weapons, currently a cryo Sledge’s Shotty is wrecking things.
  • Wilhelm: Can’t seem to enjoy him, his summons are particularly annoying, at least with Axton and Roland I could strategically place the turret to draw aggro/set up flanking, etc.
  • Nisha: Answer by Proxy - (Wife Plays) - Total DPS monster, no preference for a particular weapon or element FTH/RW combo, the seemingly haphazard spending of skill points (as opposed to specializing in a tree) has created a balanced beast with good survivability and a screen clearing showdown.
  • Claptrap: He is actually kind of fun, good survivability in solo - it is early in my playthrough with him, I keep respeccing between BT and ILYG depending on the Class Mods I find. Subroutines seem like too much to manage, but I do find the point in Safety First to be game-changing.
  • Jack/Timothy: don’t know, didn’t buy him.
  • Athena as a quick dashing killer assassin. Bloodrush just takes enemies by surprise knocks them back and finishes them. Hybrid all the way for me.
  • Timmothy as Mr Torgue Flexington, no ones blows ■■■■ up like Tim does, Krieg’s nova spam is a joke next to Tim. But really he can do anything and use anything unlike any vault hunter before him.
  • Athena is a great hybrid character that can shine in multiple roles. I prefer to play her much more as an elemental tank but really, really enjoy Xiphos’ mechanics as well. Definitely my siren of TPS.
  • Claptrap I prefer to play as pure support but with the quirkiness of Fragmented Fragtrap versus Boomtrap. Having to constantly adapt to his unpredictable nature is really a unique experience. I Love You Guys and Brotrap class mod makes him a great teammate.
  • Tim, I haven’t maxed out yet but I’ve built him towards Badass Jacks so more of a pet class. I definitely need to open up a bit more with his skill trees.
  • Wilhelm is my lowest level character but I’m envisioning a shotgun build with him.
  • Haven’t played Nisha but really looking forward to her DPS.

I call Wilhelm my “Quiet Killer” – my first & main character, picked because, well, he just does his job as unobtrusively as possible.

Claptrap’s my comic relief character – a reminder, in the heat of battle, that it’s really all just a game after all. More LOL moments with him than any BL character.

Athena serves very well as sort of a nurse class plus, with the Aspis absorb thing she can give as much as (or more than) she takes.

Jack, while a bit too talky, is a better vault hunter than I thought he’d be; he’s my tester for Hyperion gear. Jack’s double gave me no end of trouble when I first encountered him in BL2 so I think it’s appropriate that he’s actually rather good here.

My Nisha’s a poor shadow of many I’ve seen – can’t seem to get the hang of her. That’s probably because I haven’t got the hang of Jakob’s weapons. Whenever I want to check out Jakob’s again I bring her out. I see the potential but I haven’t reached it with her.

Nisha is pretty good at that whole “killing things” thing. She can clear rooms without even trying.

Is it an objective fact that optimism/potential/just compensation > bloodsplosion? Because some say bloodsplosion was too OP and it could hit some pretty mind boggling numbers. Not to mention it effortlessly dispatched entire mobs in pyro pete’s bar on uvhm.

Derch is most likely referring to Krieg’s perma FotF (Flame of the Firehawk) nova spam.

Ah, missed that. If only fotf returned, it would synergize great with jack’s ‘you have my shield’

Well, the way things are right now is faceroll enough IMO. :smile:

  • Athena: Hybrid guns/melee and I love it. She’s my go to character when I feel like rampaging and charging in to the fight and just slaughtering the ■■■■ out of everything. I get up close and personal with every bad guy with melee then finish them off with a quick blast from a shock shottie. If they ever survive that combo another swing of the sword and they’re exploding in a mist of blood. I guess it helps that I haven’t died playing as Athena since TVHM and that’s with playing the BA round in the Holodome with two other players in UVHM on two separate occasions. She really is godlike.
  • Tim: Man this guy right here, so much dimension in a DLC character, he’s probably my second favorite character in the entire franchise. Having a BA digijack destroy everything in seconds doesn’t hurt and a massive bonus just for using some of my favorite hyperion gear, yes please.
  • Wilhelm: I’m a level 56 Wilhelm and I’ve got to say, this guy does so well with Wolf and Saint but he doesn’t need them to do well. I’ve enjoyed getting him this far and he’s probably the most well rounded of the Vault Hunters, he’s not weak but he’s not Invincible. Plus his dialogue is golden. :smiley:
  • Nisha: I can’t complain about anything on Nisha, she can clear a room and can take a lot of punishment if specced right, she’s just a monster with a jackobs shottie.
  • Pooptrap: I dunno, I’ve got him at level 8 so I can’t really form an opinion yet but he looks like he can faceroll with explosions at higher levels. I’ll have to get back to you on this one.

Great thread…

I’ve maxed out Nisha and Jack so far and the were both awesome , Jack because it’s pretty easy with the digi jacks taking the heat off.

Nisha 'cause she is just a hard ass and can take whatever is trrown at her and return it in spades.

Willhelm is a lot like Jack… Not done UVHM yet with him but I suspect it will be easy…

Claptrap… Absolutely loving the little freak, up to level 24 and nothing in the past 250 hours+ of game play has given me so much fun. Mixing cryo weapons with his novas and explosions is just pure fun…

I like to restrict each character to a single element according to the colors of their intro screen, like I did with BL1. It’s definitely not the most effective way to play them, especially with the elemental multipliers, but it’s how I like to play them, and I’ve done relatively well with this style so far.

  • Athena: Fire only. Not as versatile as shock is but I’ve managed to get through by smiting enemies’ shields, although I haven’t started UVHM with her yet so I don’t know how well that strategy will work then. Relatively standard CS/Phalanx build.
  • Wilhelm: Corrosive only. Arguably the hardest, since I’m using the weakest element overall with arguably the least damaging character. I did get through TVHM without too much trouble though so that’s something. Started off using HK but right now I’m running full CC with a mix of the other two (and although I should probably go for Afterburner I go for Venom Bolts instead because corrosive).
  • Nisha: Shock only. Not so much trouble here due to shock’s versatility and well, Nisha. L&O/FTH build.
  • Claptrap: Explosive only (doy). My main, and the only one I’ve actually done a substantial amount of UVHM with. I like to play him like melee Krieg only instead of a buzz axe I use a Flakker, Ravager etc. and Killbot my way through mobs. Did TVHM with a Boomtrap/ILYG build but right now I’m doing Boomtrap/FF and I’m enjoying it more.
  • Jack/Not-Jack/Timothy/Jimothy/etc.: Non-elemental (this usually ends up translating to Jakobs). Haven’t gotten too far with him but he’s pretty fun, action skill is very similar to Axton’s imo so adapting to his playstyle is pretty easy for me. Going down Greater Good right now but I’ll probably go down Free Enterprise after that so I can experience the amazingness that that tree has to offer.
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I like your approach. I tend to do something similar. Most of my chars are more or less locked to one element (except for skills and possible grenade, shield or oz-kit). Except explosive. I can’t stand most of the explosive weapons (Torgue). Shock was my favourite element until TPS. Since TPS and especially since Holodome cryo is my new favourite element. It’s awesome because I love to go for criticals and the shatter effect is hilarious especially if you cut frozen enemies in halves with a beam laser or melee. Sometimes I use multiple elements but specialize in a gun (type).
Corrosive Wilhelm is on my list of future builds/characters, because it’s different, less effective (with optimized endgame gear most of the content is a cakewalk) and the dying animation is hilarious. :smiling_imp:

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I’ve only really played Wilhelm extensively and concentrated on the Dreadnought path which makes him near unkillable. With Saint and Wolf being boosted for greater support.

I’ve struggled a bit with the others but have found Athena as a Phalanx build shaping up to be pretty good too.

I play all of them as hybrids, I mix up the skills in different ways until I find a setup that works, because I do not like to rely on only one play style. Favorite character at the moment would have to be my Lady Hammerlock, but they are all fun. I feel like she is one of the best characters for killing mobs, she is a little weak when it comes to harder bosses but it is still manageable. If you use the 3dd1.E Oz kit with a Tediore quick shield and a class mod with high shield cap or the health regen and 5 points into Bitter Riposte her shields regen so fast your constantly shooting out freeze darts and then you have just a bunch of frozen enemies to deal with.

With 10 MORE skill points on the way…

But alas…that’s another story…

athena: elemental
Wilhelm: lasers
Claptrap: not even sure what the thee options you had meant, so a thing that blows up everything.
nisha: a magical combo of sniper, gunslinger and shotgun user through the magic of the maggie/skullmasher.
jack: sniping schmucks with a ravager/quad.
aurelia: sitting back and watching claptrap blow up the frozen idiots.

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I didn’t think my Athena could get any more BA but with 10 more points it’s just going to be horrible for anything that stands in her way. The same goes for my Nisha, things will die before I even know that I shot them. D:

Claptrap: exploding DPS machine
Athena: Elemental DPS machine on revive duty
Nisha: Glasscannon DPS machine
Jack: All-round DPS machine
Aurelia: long range or short range DPS machine
Wilhelm: … slightly more survivability than Nisha with far worse DPS

That’s from my lvl 60s