Which character shoud be (Considered) for BL3 (Thread closed for now)

This should be a poll with select able options, but it wont show me in preview. This thread isnt in use now but i plan on re-purposing it.

I think it would be cool if for BL3 that gearbox used a (just a singe one could do) fan made character for a vault hunter, you know, score some community points. This is a poll to see witch one the community thinks would be pretty cool to see in BL3. Im just doing most of the ones that have a thread for it in the community made stuff section for BL:TPS. This is also doubling as my game desighn thread for the game im making. Cause im re purposing it. If there is one you want, that isnt on the list, then just s cause its hidden in the paragraph say so below. This isnt anything official, nor do i think it will impact the creation of BL3, but if there isnt anyone trying then what hope is there? Who knows, maybe the folks at gearbox who make the characters will see, and maybe it COULD happen. I will post links to each thread of the options. I just picked some random ones for this list, so if its not on the list is nothing personal.


If a mod reads this please delete it. Im sure it is what needs to be done for now.