Which Character You Gonna Start With?

Although there isn’t a hugh amount of class footage around, there seems to be enough to get your taste buds frothing.

From what I’ve seen Thorn seems to be my main point of interest and will start with her. I like the fact she has a kick ass bow and some cool looking moves.

What are you guys n galz gonna hit the game with?

Class footage in this video if you haven’t seen any:


Well before I decide I want tor try every class at least once to get a feel for them but right now the classes I’ll probably be most comfortable with are(in no particular order): Caldarius, Oscar Mike, Thorn and Montana. However if I discover that I can rock with a character like Miko or Reyna I’ll go for it.

no melee, i’m okay with a support role.

Montana is kinda slow for me
Rath is melee, so no go for me, but i do like his skill set.
Oscar Mike is a save FPS pick
Thorn fire rate is a bit slow, you have to pick your shots.
Miko looks alright, but didn’t enjoyed hearing the introduction voice.

But this just from looking at a video. Hands on gameplay will deliver a whole other feedback. And Battleborn will have a large number of playable heroes. There are also Marquis, Phoebe, Reyna & Caldarius. I tend to look at someone’s skill set before picking diving into a character.

pretty much can guess it will be thorn

Caldarius sounds badass, SMG, Chainsword and Jetpack? If he’s anything close to my imagination he’ll be my favourite.

Of those we’ve seen Rath and Thorn.

Leaning towards Montana as that is my thrid most played class in TF2. Unless Battleborn has some Demoman or Engineer equivalent class in the roster they didn’t introduce, then I’ll go with whichever.

Im assuming the Peace Keepers will have some sort of Rocket or grenade based guy (or girl), and rocket jumps should be possible.

A perk that allows an alternate firemode for hyperthetical Rocketdude would be huge “pushing” force but miniscule damage, so you can propel yourself/teammate or knock enemies off cliffs.

Start with? I think it’s pretty clear I’m going to main Thorn.

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There’s a chance that I’ll stick to the LLC faction, though I have some interest in Montana.

Either Thorn or Steampunk Hammerlock(I can’t remember his name.) Gotta love archers and a Hammerlock looking dude.



That would be him. Such a gentlemen and a total BA.

The one with a cane.

Id like to point out I havent read or seen anything about this game, no idea what it is about.

That’s the one above my other post.

If I buy the game I might start out with Phoebe first, she’s a melee character.

These are her skills from what I last read. Granted this information is from a wiki, so it could be COMPLETELY inaccurate.

Primary Weapon


five rapiers total
stab via right trigger; three-hit chain
swipe via left trigger; two-hit chain 


Balestra: teleport to location; reduce incoming damage 

Blade Whip: ranged attack via flying swords; line of sight 

True Strike: passive; extra damage from primary weapon attacks
    prime attack via right trigger
    unleash via left trigger 

Ultimate ability

Riposte: block single enemy attack; on successful block, area of effect damage plus stun debuff to all enemies

Phoebe seems like my fav so far

If we can get it on the PC, Montana.

Yes, BattleBorn is on PC.

I don’t know. I don’t like the way any of them look physically, so I’ll have to decide by gameplay, and I can never tell if I’m going to like something before I play it. If you told me that I would love playing as a pun-spewing mailbox on a wheel with RNGs for a class power, I would have just looked at you funny and stolen your sandwich when you were trying to win the ensuing staring contest. But alas, I quite enjoyed Claptrap in TPS.

Similarly, if you told me my favorite BL1 class was going to be a generic soldier man with a turret when there was a dude who threw freaking birds at people and a giant who punched things so hard they exploded in the roster, I would have just laughed at you. But Roland is my favorite BL1 Vault Hunter without a doubt.

Once more with BL2. Never in a thousand years would I have thought to find myself playing as a scrawny teenage girl with pigtails, but if you called dibs on Gaige and were one of those people who thinks that two people shouldn’t play the same character in the same game, I would… honestly probably just play Axton instead, but I’d be staring longingly at the pigtails.

So in Battleborn, I’ll figure out what my favorite class is when I try them all out. That’s what’s happened with the three BL games, and it’s probably not going to be any different for this game. …But that pointy-nosed red-eyed guy with the robot armor and the white hair (or is that a helmet?) looks kind of cool. I’m probably going to try that dude out first.

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Well in the background there are some unannounced characters that may or may not be present.

So you may still want to wait.

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