Which character's play style is the most fun for you to PLAY, and why?

Pretty basic question here that I’m surprised hasn’t really been asked on this forum. I am curious to know what it is that you like specifically about your favorite character’s play style? I’m emphasizing play style here, not things like “I like FL4K because their voice is cool.”

Example answers are “I like Amara because I am addicted to her melee builds,” or “I love FL4K because I am obsessed with going invisible,” or “Zane is amazing because his [insert class mod] mod makes him so fun.”

Just curious as to which play styles people are finding to be the most addicting for running through content.


Zane baby! Freaky fast build. Fl4k is a close second. Then Moze. Last is amara, never been a big siren player.


Which build is this?

Blue tree heavy, rough rider shield an sonic boom infiltrator class mod. Sntl and transfusion nades when in solo and barrier and sntl in group. I use relics that give me slide speed and health regen. SUPER FUN. i even made him faster than an out runner once but wasnt viable as a combat build, just shows how fast this guy can be.


Moze has some really fun Hybrid builds with Ironbear and ASE anointments – not as high damage as zane or amara, but I can solo the scaled takedown and feel good about myself, so i’m happy :slight_smile:


I like fl4k because they support an aggressive playstyle while still having the most diversity to build to.


I love Amara’s melee build, but it suffers at high levels and some enemies you just can’t punch (Agoniser, Katagawa Ball, Wotan )

Flak is my boss grinder as he does insane damage.

I have a cryo zane for circles of

and Moze hmm,didnt really like Moze.

Chain Zane build is my go to farming build. Insane mobbing and good boss dps. Moze splash build is my fav but it’s so easy to die on her(i hate being put in FFYL) I love the ammo regen on Moze, it’s why i started playing her. Amara i have @50 but neglected even though Sirens have been my fav in BL1 and BL2. Flak i just finally got to 50 and playing around with it.


I seem to spend most of my time of late with all the different Fl4k & Amara builds. Most fun right now is Amara with a bunch of phasecast stuff that gives +250 weapon damage(!) + I love the speed that the Driver CMod gives.

I leveled Zane & Moze through normal but haven’t played them as much. They also get to store any good anointed stuff that drops for them. Probably get back to them too.

I Seem To Play Them All Equally. Maxed Out Moze First, But Now I Got About 5 Days With Each Of Them. Leveling A Second Set Now. Trying Out Moze Rocketeer.

probably amara , lazy player plays the easiest character

It varies with my mood. Most recently I’ve been favouring my explosive Moze. But before that I was hopping back and forth between my two Amaras. Before that I was focused on Bottomless Mags. And I intermittently enjoy both of my Fl4ks.

The only thing that is certain is that I don’t really care for Zane. Love his personality, but I dislike his skills. I have two versions of every other character, but I’m not even happy with my one Zane.

In terms of gameplay, builds I’ve used for playing the character first time etc

1st - Amara - Elemental DoT Phaselock
2nd - Moze - Vladof high magazine size ammo regen
3rd - Zane - Hitman build with increased kill skill effectiveness.
4th - FL4K - Crit Damage.

Playing FL4K is the most tedious for me, all it was is use fade away and target Crit points. I used to rank Zane worst but playing FL4K as the last character I changed my mind plus his pet is a good as useless and always gets in the way when you’re looking at gear. Amara was fun doing great damage to those you target and everyone else nearby. I ranked Moze not that far behind Amara.

only zane… just pop my drone and dome… then just shoot everything in sight (trying to keep D®OME up as long as i can)

amara… got bored with her… played maya in BL2 so nothing realy new about it (got boring realy fast)

moze… don’t like her action skill… if it would handle more like gaige’s deathtrap i would actualy play her more…

fl4k… pets are damn anoying and got on my nerves realy fast…

wish they would bring back the BL2 and TPS hunters as playable characters…

This question has 2 answers for me.

I love the Idea of a Moze Vladof gunner that runs out, and deals massive amounts of splash damage, and never reloading, say… with an Ogre. Just pounding away, doing massive amounts of splash damage, and going bananas.

But, that gameplay is simply not capable of M4 TVHM.

So, the playstyle that works, that I love is Zane W/ SNTL and Clone, flying around the map, swapping spots, going bananas, and burning things to the ground with a Clone with a Protuberance, and me with a beautiful 100% cryo SNTL Cost Effective Q System, while I slide, jump, and ground fire into the air like a mad man.

It’s hilarious, and it makes me think that Rhys is actually Zorg from the Fifth Element with his smart bullets.


I like momentum characters…

Krieg was my all time favorite VH, so I play Zane because of kill skills.

Moze USED to be that way, but now its just, hop in Mech and immediately get out, be strong for 18 seconds, and repeat…that got old real fast.


Fl4k has always been fun, when I got bored is when I started Zane (prior DLC).

Zane was fun, Zane was different.

Then DLC came, Zane got god-like because of a freakin com.

Zane got fun again after ditching Seein Dead.

My Zane and Fl4k now are on par with each other. One goes Ice Breaker, one goes Flesh Melter. I switch between them in my play sessions and have fun.

I will start a Moze down the road. Amara I may never touch.

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Out of all 4 VHs I tried I like the melee side of Amara the most. Speedy and hard hitting type however I wish Krieg would be playable as he has a very nice melee-type skills and his AS, meat bicycle is too good but… I’m getting off topic with him </3

Amara by far my favorite one. Zane is very close in second with his near infinite AS

I spent most time with FL4K so far, the only one I took to 50 (not a lot of playing time, unfortunately). Pets don’t annoy me and I think there is something hilarious about a monkey with a shotgun running around.

Zane and Amara are close second, these I’m slowly leveling up as allegiance characters. Zane probably has best lines, and Amara has “attitude”. Trying melee-dominant Amara and it is more fun than I thought it would be.

Moze is looking fun and I want to like her, but somehow I find her action skill a bit lacking. Feels like operating Big Bertha from BL2 in that one sequence after you beat Boom and Bewm. Perhaps she’ll grow on me.

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Right now Zane is the most fun, for me. The fast pace and keeping my kill skills up (much easier with the new class mod) does it for me.