Which Characters uses CC Duration?

One of the things that I keep getting stumped about is “CC Duration”, and while I vaguely understand what it does (in a broad term, it involves stuns, silences…), it’s still something I end up ignoring. I get good CC Duration gear, but it’s not much use if I have no idea who to use it on.

So, for future preference, I thought it would be good for myself (and others who come onto the site wanting to know the same thing) to know what characters use CC duration.

For example, I know Caldarius’ CC is his Flashbang, and I think - though, I’m not sure - that Mellka’s CC is her venom.

Basically, who uses CC duration. That’s what I want to know.

Also, there’s also a rumor going around that I’m giving away candy to those who answer this. All I can say to this is, no comment.

Gear that gives you -X% CC duration reduces time you spend affected by CC. For example, if basic stun lasts for 2 seconds, said gear reduces that time if your hero gets stunned. So any hero can benefit from it.

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It’s best on big bodies, IE easy targets. Specifically melee characters, though it should be buffed. If the difference between life and death is 10-15% of 2-3 seconds of not doing something/being hindered, often enough to warrant the equipments use, then you either need to change your tactics, or stop diving so much with Boldur and Attikus.

But even then, I feel more HP, shields, and/or REGEN provides better survivability and sustain.

I might try it out today on a tank like Montana or Boldur, or easier target characters like Kleese.


Ahhhhhhhh, I understand what it is now. I always thought CC Duration was how long stuns, silences lasted (though I was always confused why it was minus, rather than add). This is a huge help.

Gotcha. The targets that are more prone to death. Someone with a huge amount of health might not benefit a CC Duration than, say, Miko (who I think has low health, but you get the gist of what I mean).

And you’re right that health regen/shield are way better than something that prevents you from stun. If I’m reading this correctly, CC would work during the fight with Rendain because it means you have less time being stunned and silenced and all of that.

Thanks for your help!