Which characters would you like to see appear in BL3? (Potential Spoilers)


Aside our two main characters, which characters from this series do you want to see again? Honestly…I would love to see August again. I thought he was awesome :slight_smile:

(In Vino Veritas) #2

Hey @Cody2Hottie, I just put a potential spoilers suffix on the title.


To answer your question.

Loader Bot, literally more than any one else. Gortys in a close second.


Oh my god I’m so sorry my man. I should have done that (>.<) I didn’t even think of that, again that’s my bad.

And ah yeah Loader Bot would be nice to see and Gortys would be super cute to see again (* - *)

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Cody, mate. It is really no issue. I can’t explain how often I’ve done that mistake! Plus, you spoiled NOTHING. I just did it as a potential precaution.

I went around quoting Loader Bot for a full week afterward.

(Kwisatz Haderach) #5

Maya, preferably playable, since I like her Action Skill so much. But, I realize that is wishful thinking on my part. Hopefully, there will be a playable Siren character again.

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Since its a spoiler for character appearances mark, I’ll just write you guys some possible spoilers.

Our dear Tiny-tina is going to be a playable vault hunter in Next:Borderlands game. You can definitely expect some explosive action skill. Along with Gaige.

You’re going to see a grown up tiny tina becasue some time has passed between he events of borderlands 2 and now.

that’s it for now :wink: would love to read you the full plot but NDA.


LOADER BOT, the most badass Loader in the universe that litterally can survive an auto-destruction.
I also love his “Stranger” suit, with the red eye, the Hyperion Conference Call and the Jingasa hat. His “Stranger” voice was badass as well.


And considering how you were able to customize him in ToTBL, this would actually be pretty cool to see lol. And by customize I mean that little fuse weapons part iiiiiin (episode 1?)

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Wait… how did I get on this thread?

(StudZ Berzerk) #10

It would be cool to see gortis, I think a good ability would be to make her grow like in the TFTB series at the vaults

(TX383) #11

Mordecai, Zero, Moxie, Claptrap and just about everybody (RIP, Scooter) from TFTBL.