Which class mod is better for Blast Master build

First one has 28% weapon damage, 35% Shotgun damage, 17% Maliwan Fire rate .

Second one has 28% Splash damage, 25% weapon damage, and 30% Grenade damage.

I do like using Anarchy so I’m thinking probably the first one but I’m new to Blast Master Moze so not sure.

Definitely the first one. The shotgun damage is a special multiplier in Moze’s damage formula and covers you when the 300v2 anointment is no longer applying to your target. Let’s say you have a shotgun that deals 1000 base damage on its card as an example.

First one - 1000 x 1.28 x 1.35 x 2 = 3456

Second one - 1000 x 1.25 x 2.28 = 2850

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