Which class should I be for my return to BL2?

Well, I feel like playing again :slight_smile: However I have like, no idea who I should be playing lol. I’ve played this game countless times and I still haven’t done full playthroughs on some of these guys lol.


I want to play someone who feels very rewarding, but isn’t boring. Who’s playstyle changes throughout the game where it isn’t just doing the samething over and over again. I also feel like tackling those raid bosses solo, again I want someone who just felt rewarding taking down… let’s say the old classic lol. Terramorphous!

This is all just personal opinions I know, but just give me your input :slight_smile:

Of the three I have the most fun with Maya. Sal is too easy/boring and Zer0 is just so dam delicate.


If variation is what you want, then Maya is your girl. Melt enemies faces off and keep the crowd in their places, while you heal your friends. If that isn’t enough, you can always play mindgames on your enemies. Making them fight for you, instead of against you.

Zero is definetly more of a challenge. Like a ballet. Beautiful if you know what you’re doing, but a disaster if you trip.

Sal is great when you wanna blow off some steam. A great way to get your aggressions out of the way.

So, I guess we’re ready to decide… Very well! Maya it is! Case closed! Close the thread! Nothing to see here!


Maya and Krieg are the best balanced characters I think - both fun and challenging. Zero requires a great investment that I just don’t have time to give but he’s the most complex.

One class to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. And by bind I mean Phaselock. There are so many different builds you can run with Maya and she’s very forgiving with weapon choice so you can experiment a lot more than with say Axton or Gaige who are more weapon and skill specific. She’s also great at raiding, despite what some may claim, she’s the best BeeHawker in the game and you can play around with Kinetic Reflection as well.

Krieg is insanely fun, UVHM is rough until 57 but from there it’s a breeze with the right build, and there are many ways you can build Krieg as well. He’s also a good raider, but his mobbing is probably the best in the game and Maya synergises perfectly with him, making for great co-op runs.


Sounds like you want to play as Maya then- Sal can make the game easy (too easy for some) while Zero really requires a strict dedication to learning his strengths and weaknesses- great when you learn them, hell to learn while leveling up though…

:heart_eyes: Of course he does! Everyone wants to play as Maya! Some are just too shy to admit it.


I’d go for Maya as well. A lot of power in her trees and some really interesting skills too (looking at you, Thoughtlock!). Zer0 is fun too though. Just a glass cannon and a very steep learning curve.


Make it a poll!

Seriously though, it’s time to get your Siren on.


I think the results are in so you better be in Liar’s Berg with Maya! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which character should the OP play upon their return to Borderlands 2?

  • Maya
  • Axton the Generic Character
  • The Siren
  • Salvador the Boringzerker
  • Lilith v.20
  • Zer0 the Jennerit
  • The Tattooed Chick
  • Gaige the Mechromancer who’s not a Siren
  • The one with a cooler arm than Gaige
  • Krieg the Conductor of the Poop Train
  • Maya the Admiral of the Poop Fleet?

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If you are looking for rewarding, Zer0, definitely. He has a steep learning curve, but master him and you will hit harder and look like a bigger badass than anyone else.

Maya and Sal are both fairly easy to play (especially, and notoriously, Sal). Challenge’s more in building them than playing them.