Which DLC should I do next?

So, I’m in NVHM with Sinn (Gaige) level 46,working my way through EVERYTHING.

I am stuck between 2 choices Hammerlock or Crawmerax. I’m not a huge fan of either one. I have been trying to decide which one to start.

My not so official goal is to be level 50 before TVHM.

hammerlock. get Gaige her twister

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:laughing: Which dlc you choose doesn’t really matter. You’re gonna kill 'em all just by looking at them at your level. A friendly word of advice… If you go into TVHM at such a high level, you’re gonna find it extremely easy, and once you get to UVHM, you won’t be prepared for the increase in difficulty. Perhaps it would be better to abandon your plan for leveling, and just run through TVHM story missions until the game gets back on par with your level.

Level 46 in NVHM… Didn’t even think it was possible considering how the XP rewards diminishes as you overlevel your character.

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That’s the plan! :smile:

I wanna see what that is like. I figure there are probably a bunch of newbies out there who have accidentally done this and it hurt the game for them. I want to see how bad it is.

I farmed some bosses early on, completed all but the timed missions, etc. I have a 5.5% Moxxi’s Endowment, so each kill ALWAYS nets me 1xp a least.

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:laughing: LOL! The difference between level 46 and level 47 is 175.133 XP. That’s a looot of enemies you need to kill to get to level 50. Don’t make any plans for the next 5 years, or so!

I start start new characters and go all the way through all the modes on a regular basis. I skip some of the missions because they’re tedious, so I usually start TVHM at level 31-32, and the enemies will then come in at level 34. A few weeks ago, I decided to do all the missions in the vanilla game in NVHM (no dlc’s).IIRC, I was at level 39 after that. When I started TVHM, the enemies came in at level 37. I would therefore suggest that there is some variation even in TVHM, but only to a certain point. Throughout the whole TVHM, the enemies were at a higher level than usual, but still below my own level.

I can’t say what would have happened if I’d gone all the way and done all dlc material, so I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress. Have fun!

I can do the DT hack!

Park him at the Warrior and let him kill 999 rakk per summon! Lol. At ~2 hours per reset, and 176 resets, it should only take 352 hours,or 2 weeks and 4 days…


I do this quite often, the real fun is equipping a weapon at your level and watching them just explode with one hit.
It does feel Godlike to run in NVHM and TVHM at that level or higher. Nothing like standing in the dust and having a Bandit Technical explode around you.
I don’t recommend it for new players. At most they should PowerLevel just a couple levels if they are feeling underleveled otherwise as @Ronnie_Rayburn says at the start of UVHM they are in for a rude shock and could have their heads handed back to them on a shiny gold platter. It is a steep curve as it is, but a cake walk through the two lower modes makes it way worse.

@kgk4569 I would go with Crawmerax first then hammerlocks

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For some reason, a different part of the body comes to mind here. :innocent: