Which do you find more fun? NVHM, TVHM or UVHM?

NVHM because just about everything you find along the way is viable, fun and usually not too deadly if you get it wrong. You can try lots of configurations and just about every weapon, shield can be used on any character.

TVHM was certainly more challenging and it now required you to think more about what you intend to do., and not just run and gun The intro of the ironclads and rabids made it interesting, though at times TVHM did seem to have some lumpy bits on scaling.

UVHM required you to have a plan based on weapons you had, style of configuration for your character and approach to farming for the right weapon. I must say i thought it a little sad that so many weapons became less viable, that slag became so essential and that a lot of us needed farm, a lot, to keep moving. Once past 61, class mods helped a lot.

Overall, I still love NVHM the most for its simplicity, that made BL2 so great.


I hope the devs read select threads like this. Because all three game mods are a lot of fun, and the way they rebalanced TPS kind of broke it for me. It’s good to see such a variation of opinions on this, there are lots of different ways to play and enjoy this phenomenal game.

Ha. After posting this, finished my 5th toon to get through UVHM, leaving only Kreig to be done . All around mid 60’s had some fun with the Tubby’s etc. Gaige in UVHM gave me a slagga and negotiator shield in non farm gameplay, so pretty sad over a complete UVHM run. Been a long time in UVHM, time to get refreshed…

Started a new Commando, only allowed to use what I find along the way. Found an early sputtering spitter, a hyperion pistol with a scope, then a Maggie by level 8. Then a couple of nice Mailwan snipers, and then a fastball. then a neat Tediore SMGEverything in NVHM was viable and possible, I could try them without dying too often, no time on farming. Completely forgot what fun it is to take on a run based on just what the random gods privide.

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I really can’t believe so many ppl said UVHM.
Dying over and over again isn’t that fun.

Some bosses from UVHM litterally force you to die, a number of times. I don’t care who is playing I am sure they died also.

For instance, the Super Thresher (that eats the beacon), he is basically impossible to beat at first, when you shoot at him from a safe distance, he burrows under the ground, he re-emerges (with full shield) and hits you once or twice to kill you. If you run away to shoot him from far away, he simply goes underground again.

He only stops doing this after you have died to him a few times.
This is UVHM in a nutshell.

I think thats just Borderlands in a nutshell.

Some enemies are dick’s regardless of playthru.
I’m looking at you Pyre Thresher! :angry:


See my post from yesterday, specifically “Sal almost took out GT before it could dive and generate the shield - I suspect that’s scripted and you’re not allowed to kill it that fast. But full shield and health-gate sized sliver of health didn’t last long.”

Even without Sal being Sal, once you know the fight better it’s easy enough to stay alive. Go hide behind the big building. That forces GT to pop up in the big concrete platform next to it, and it can’t get to you with the tentacles. Just dodge the projectiles while shooting/grenading it, and you’re done.


Good tip - I’d not tried doing that before. @IceCat763 - in general, that’s how it is for most UVHM bosses; there’s a way to get through without dying, but you have to know about it (or be aware enough that you can clue into it quickly). Sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to stumble on a good tactic first time; others, I’ve needed to regroup and try again.


Challenge makes playing game more fun, because it gives more weigth to gameplay, equipment and skillpoints. As for that, NVHM and TVHM, other than beign easier, have limitations in terms of enemy levels not scaling up and having less skillpoints to use in general.


There are also so many other things in UVHM that make the game way more interesting. Higher drop rates/better loot, everything scaled to your level, pearlescents, higher build variety… just to name a few.

Also it sort of forces you to learn how to play your character effectively and maybe discover other “hidden mechanics” and strategies along the way.


I’d be lying if I said UVHM didn’t slap me in the face the first time I stepped in it. Hard. As was mentioned above though, taking advantage of all the available advantages in the game and changing my tactics (and then using the OP system to “retire” at a comfortable difficulty level) really makes UVHM a nice place.


i dont really die to much and i main as Zer0…then again Deception is a life saver
anyway you just need to practice dude you will get the hang of it

His shield grows back- his health doesn’t.
He can be sniped from across the river if you die the first time you see him- no need to get in close.
If you are behind the stack of crates there is a narrow opening just large enough to snipe him with a SR.
A.O.E. grenades- especially longbow or homing- work great against him.
He’s still flesh- once you drop his shield, let him feel the burn. :grinning:

What level are you? The early-to-mid-50s can be real painful, especially if RNG’s been unkind and good gear (or gear that doesn’t have good synergy with your build) hasn’t fallen your way.

UVHM actually gets easier as you go up. Enemies stay at your level of course, but you become relatively more powerful because you continue to add skill points and unlock game changers along the way. And around level 61, tubbies will start to drop the 2nd set of legendary COMs which can also make a huge difference.


You can also just climb the rock formation towards the back of the map (away from the entrance) and stay there during the fight. The thresher can’t go up there nor reach you with his tentacles. You just have to be mindful of the occasional loaders, the projectiles the thresher throws at you and the distance you keep from it. That’s what I usually do when I’m having trouble with the fight.

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Finks Slaughterhouse is impossible in UVHM if you come across a Nomad with a rocket launcher

just get ready to die, nothing you can do
UVHM is heavily flawed, and that’s that

“Finks Slaughterhouse is impossible in UVHM if you come across a Nomad with a rocket launcher”

Eh i wouldnt say that at all…it can make it a ■■■■ of a lot worse if it gives you a shock dot though

at like 50 to 60 its hard as hell but it gets much better after that…what lvl are you?


The thing with this forum is that most members have north of a thousand hours into the game. I have 1700 and consider myself of average experience ( many are over 3000 hours ). And this says nothing to the hundreds of hours each of us has spent researching the game.

So this may be why most are shrugging their shoulders agreeing that UVHM is tough, but it’s something you simply learn. It might be a stretch to say the mechanics are different, but a radically different and more complex approach needs to be adopted once one reaches it.


UVHM sucks until you get good equipment under your belt at level 72 and with the ability to start over again and again I had more fun at level cap than the previous difficulties. The OP levels took me a while before I tackled but they are no different than UVHM except for a few situations and that getting to OP8 is much harder than it is getting to level 72.

Put it this way: If I can survive at 72 with my Axton Jakobs Allegiance build that doesn’t even use a proper shield, ya’ll can as well.