Which do you prefer: Fallout or Elder Scrolls?

In talking to people about those two games people generally don’t hate on either but it seems there are a lot of people that LOVE one or the other. So how do y’all feel? If you had to choose, which is your favorite?
For me, I’ve struggled to get really into Fallout. I’ve beaten 3 and just started New Vegas but it reminded me how these games just don’t grab me like Skyrim did. I may have sunk 200 hours into that game. The mystery I struggle with is I don’t know why. I can’t point to anything in particular that I don’t like about Fallout, just doesn’t grab me.
Either way, I’m excited to hear anyone else’s the thoughts.

The only Bethesda game I’ve ever played is F3, but when I played the original Fallouts by Interplay/Black Isle, I enjoyed those much more to the point that I can’t even stand Bethesda Fallout anymore. So, just going by the title, I prefer Fallout; specifically Fallout 1 and 2.

Only Bethesda game I didn’t completely abandon is Skyrim, but hope to pick up Morrowind on Steam soon.
Don’t have any interest in FO3, but some for FNV, although I don’t like its aesthetics.

Shame their games are so buggy however, every quest you do is a sollid gamble if every script actually works.

Elder Scrolls.

I love both, but Elder Scrolls is my overall favorite.

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I’d have to go Fallout 3, because Dogmeat. Currently working my way through Oblivion having played a fair bit of Skyrim first. It’s good, but the character art and animations in Oblivion are jarring after Skyrim!

+1, and the reason why Oblivion just can’t grab me like Skyrim currently does.

Fallout, played the original and everything after.

Love me my Morrowind.

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My favorite game is mods.

With Bethesda you need mods to fix their games.

My Fallout NV and Skyrim isn’t Bethesdas games anymore.

Edit: also Bethesdas RPGs*
People seem to forget they make other games then Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Both are great games, but in open world games I prefer nice visuals (medieval sceneries > post-nuclear), and swords and magic instead of guns. Also Elder Scrolls has a vast lore.

I don’t like games that are slow paced. That’s why I don’t care for fallout. I’m not into looking for crap and trying to craft something from it. Or talking to a million people. Skyrim kinda reminded me of the same thing, but not as bad. I right now have fallout NV installed and played for about 2 hours. Now I’m really trying to give it a chance, but I miss my fast pace borderlands games too much.