Which do you think is the best farm

So we have all the DLC available to us in the GOTY edition but here’s the big question.

Which is the best farm?

The armoury (Farmoury) in the General Knoxx DLC
The Hyperion gift shop in the Robolution DLC

Or do you know of an even better chest farm?

Well, the odds of legendaries in the Hyperion shop chests appears to have been boasted, and you will never have to worry about accidentally entering the elevator shaft. Plus, no fight required once unlocked.

But, way more chests in the Armoury still. Whether the loot level in the Armoury has also been changed, I don’t know. I’m sure some of the dedicated farming crew will post if they notice things being significantly different though!

I’m told the Gift shop scales with you though so if you beat the DLC early there’s a constant stream of scaled loot, i guess it’s a case of how long the DLC takes to beat compared to the loot at the end of it too to which is most worth spending the time on.

I just finished playing the Revolution. The gift shop was ridiculous. Though the best item I have picked up was from The Destroyer.

Yeah I got a ‘Violence’ legendary revolver level 34 from the Destroyer with explosive damage, doing a real number on playthrough 2 with it with a blast master build Brick

It depends on what are you after?
Are you after some cool pearls? Then Armory is your thing and Craw obviuosly…
If you want to get some cool hi-end parts loot, then loot Hyperion gift room and when you are done go kill Craw with the guns you found. And on the way to the Armory kill Ajax for a chance (this chance is really very small) to get an Ajax Ogre. Good luck!

From what I’ve seen, the Gift Shop is the place to be for legendaries and purples. It’s a quick and easy jog to the room, and the chests have amazing AL(awesome level), the modifier that influences overall loot quality. In just a week of people farming the gift shop I’ve seen the most “perfect” parts guns than I’d ever see with the same amount of time in the farmory or Craw.

It’s truly bonkers, unless you’re hunting for Pearls I’d get to the gift shop ASAP.

tbh, I think it’s broken, how good the loot is in there


Just unlocked the gift shop in playthrough one and I’m fully kitted out in legendary loot it’s crazy, getting 4 or 5 each run and I’m actually spoiled for choice.

Unfortunately I’m not as up to speed on ‘perfect parts’ guns in BL1 as I was with BL2 so I’m just equipping the stuff with the highest damage etc, I don’t know what names to look out for.

The best thing about the gift shop is it’s scaling with me, I hit level 40 in PL2 and reloaded PL1 for the gift shop and the loot is still scaling with me, this has to be broken surely it should cap for PL1


So an update on this, I’ve progressed into PL2 and the gift shop seems to have capped at 40, not as broken as I thought but it helped get me well into PL2 before my weapons were losing effect

I had a question. Is there a specific mission you need to leave open in the robo revolution dlc in order to be able to farm the gift shop in Tartarus station?

As you finish your main story it will level with your level and above if you are not lvl69 yet…
For your ideal playthrough check over HERE

@grimm-one the gift shop doesn’t lock once the story line is complete so no need to worry about leaving any quests open

@Geomason I meant the gift shop in PL1 had capped sorry, didn’t make my post clear, I was testing to see if the PL1 gift shop would scale with a PL2 character :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I appreciate the response. Best of luck out there.

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