Which does more damage?

In an explosive Axtin with Steady and Do or die maxed alone with Impact, and a 39% explosive relic, would +6 impact and +5 steady do more damage than a +6 steady and +5 impact due to the relic?

i believe that +6 to steady will be better for dps because splash damage on things such as the harold, plasma casters etc, their splash damage is calculated as grenade damage, someone correct me if im wrong :]

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I know the +6 steady mod beats +6 impact in raw damage, but wondered if the +39% explosive relic would do more with +6 impact due to odd gun damage boosts and stuff.

technically +6 steady would but it depends on the gun too.

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DPUH, kerblaster, Ravager and Badaboom?

Steady will effect the DPUH, the secondary projectile of the kerblaster, and the ravager.
Impact affects everything.

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So you think that with my guns, 47% grenade damage, +6 impact, and +5 steady would be better than 47% grenade damage, +6 steady and +5 impact? Assuming i had the explosive relic equipped?

Thank you for all your help lately Blut, i appreciate it.

Honestly the difference is marginal.
Yes the steady would be better but the most part though.

Also replace the kerblaster with an ogre.

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Blut, you dont have a mod like that, do you?