Which enemies drops the Star Helix AR?

I know the Force Troopers have a higher chance to drop them, but they don’t always spawn, so is there any other enemy that I could try farming for this rifle?


I have a shock and radiation one that I dont use anymore, if your on ps4 your more than welcome to them, the shock one might have anointment on it (cant remember) they are buried somewhere on my mules

Thanks, but I play on PC and I actually got a shock one from one of the Typhon caches, but I’m actually trying to get my hands on a non elemental one this time.

No problem hope you get lucky on your search :+1:

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I got one yesterday from graveward, cryo version. I believe it can drop from any source.

I would take them both off your hands. Anything you are looking for?
PSN is PIKE2564

Hey bigrfish, Yeah I can send them onto you im actually out at the moment, I should be online in about an hour ill send you a friend request then, im not looking for anything in return but thanks for the offer :+1:

Hey! I might have a non-elemental one that I don’t need. I’ll check when I’m online in a couple of hours. If I got it and you want it, it’s yours!

Cool, thanks!

Friend request sent

Force troopers are the only specific drop location. If you don’t want to farm them, just stick to any boss that has a good chance for world drops and that you can kill quickly.

got one off gigamind

I’ll give you mine. The Star Helix sucks. Nothing legendary about it in my opinion.

I’ll take any non elemental Star Helix rifle you have, lol.

My Epic Store name is Eraldus, if you want to add me and mail it.

My psn is Mourning6lory

I have one that’s non elemental and one with shock. You can have both if you like.

I got one for you. Added you on Epic.

The Star Helix should be in your Mailbox…

Does the helix work well, away from its optimum range?

A lot of guns work better on different characters. Helix does a lot better on Zane than my Fl4k, but Zane really needs multi pellet for brain freeze. I will dump on clone for longer range and crossroads for up close.

i pulled a star helix yesterday farming Jabbermogwai. i don’t think it’s a dedicated drop from them tho.