Which event to keep on?

Is it worth it to have a certain event on? I know terror weapons change the game should that always be on or does it matter?

The cartel event is the best event to have on IMO. The additional enemies that spawn add the most to the game. While you do get the terror effect from the Halloween event, you can easily just use gear with one of the terror anointments to add the terror effect.


One interesting advantage of Halloween event is that ghosts drop terror-anointed gear even during normal playthrough, so it gives you access to anointments really early in game. I’m actually contemplating terror-themed playthrough with this.

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I’d say it depends on your goal. Agree getting terror anoints early game is fun and if you want that elusive vindicator ghast call you’d want it on.

If you’re looking to XP farm to increase vault card levels the cartel event is best given the extra enemies that will spawn in–e.g., if you play the Slaughter Shaft the cartel event adds will generate a fair amount of additional XP.


I kinda like running the Valentine’s Day DLC, especially during Arms Race, because you have a chance to get the legendary hearts and those almost always drop good items - and sometimes the Polyaimorous :rofl:


Hold on… how do you have events active in arms race? they seem off in this mode

:man_shrugging:t2: Dunno but the Valentine’s Day event definitely works on Arms Race on Xbone.

ha ha ha another weird thing, well does not seem to work on ps4

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Can confirm Valentine’s Day event works on Arms Race on PC as well.

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ok I have hearts in arm race, maybe last time hotfix was not loaded or something lol
It s really awesome killed a bunch of baddies with corrosive hearts and got a Wedding Invitation early on from a golden heart