Which Facepuncher would be better?

a) Redundant Facepuncher with anointment for weapon damage after slam.
b) Deep Dive Facepuncher with anointment for melee damage after slam.

Redundant prefix doubles the projectiles and ammo consumption but I’m not sure what the Deep Dive prefix does and which anointment has a better effect on the weapons damage?

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depends on your other gears.

if you got a brawler ward with melee after slam, then redundant is better since two same anointments doesn’t stack.

if you white elephant, redundant is also better since 30% chance x 14 is better in procing sticky bombs than 30% chance x 7.

if you use the unleash the dragon, deep dive might be better based on experience, not sure of the math but redundant deals lower damage for me.

True, I should have stated my gear. I also have: brawler ward, breaker mod, unleash the dragon and a Grenade plus selection of weapons. Probably best to assume no relevant anointments on those.

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based on your gear, i would choose the deep dive (not for shooting), but for the melee bonus.

since you use the unleash the dragon, melee fist is better than shooting the face puncher since you will get blitz, and illuminated fist bonuses (element).