Which Faction Would You Fit Into?

I couldn’t find a poll like this already, so here it is. We all have our favourite factions and characters, but in terms of lore, which faction do you think you would actually fit into the best?

The Rogues are my favourite, but I most certainly don’t have that sort of street smart survival toughness about me. I feel like the Jennerit are very exclusionary, which I’m not a fan of, plus their whole undying devotion to a flawless leader gimmick is kind of weird to me. And I doubt I’d be cut out for the military, so no UPR.

I’m a science major, which would put me most in line with the Eldrid and the LLC. I don’t really like all the Eldrid’s mystical tree-hugging crap, but I don’t mind being creative and making money, so I think I’d have to go with the LLC. What about you guys? Let’s all delve into our psyches and stick labels on ourselves!

  • Eldrid
  • UPR
  • LLC
  • Rogues
  • Jennerit

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Well, I’m sold.

I really like the UPR, so I would probably fit in well there, despite not being technically able to join the real military. Jennerit are kinda meh, I’m not much for honor, but I do like me some swordsmanship.

LLC are a complete nope for me, never liked the whole business-minded feel they got. Rogues are also a possibility but I generally prefer a little more organization in a group that’s going into combat.

The Eldrid are my other favorite, because I’ve always loved being out in the wilds, but it’s the UPR for me.

I would most likely be an Eldrid character because I like being out in the nature and I’m a very ecological person. Maybe LLC as well because I’m interested in science and AI related stuff but I don’t give 2 sh*ts about money so I guess that puts the LLC on a close second place.

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Sadly I’m not a tree, so Eldrid won’t do it for me… I love the Eldrid but… Idk, wouldn’t fit there.

LLC? I’m not rich, nor fancy. Though butler seems like a fun job to me, that’s not enough to fit in the LLC.

Jennerit… Just nope.

UPR is a no too. I’m not all that strong and stuff. Can’t use a gun, I def won’t be able to join the army irl so nope.

Rogues… Well, I guess I’d fit in there best. Even though I kinda think rules and stuff are important, anarchy is bad blah blah… This still seems like the best faction for me. Reyna would never accept me though. :frowning:

Guess I don’t really fit in any faction. But still, Rogues seems closest to me.

definetly rogues, because "Important thing is to have fun… AND WIN AT ALL COSTS! - Reyna

(mostly because if the fun part, ofc)

Not all Eldrid are Boldur! Count me among the Eldrid on this one, with my trusty hybrid bow/TMP of my own devising.

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@epicender584 Why are we Like the only two standing with the Jennerit?

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Very niche faction it seems. Yet I had the same question

Let’s see…
The Eldrid mostly hate me…
The Jennerit mostly hate me…
The LLC guys like me as canon fodder…
The Rogues would like me if it weren’t for friggin’ Toby.

Sigh… as much as I hate all their rules and duty and stuff… well… I’m gonna go with UPR. Just because… hey, they patched up my wing and they didn’t flat out reject me. Montana’s cool. Ghalt’s cool. Ernest… isn’t as bad as I thought he was when I first met him (but do NOT tell him I said so). Gal… might… not hate me? She’s real hard to read. Anyway… yeah. UPR.


Rogue because ADVENTURE, ANARCHY, ALONE TIME, RAIDS, but with a little LLC


And Oscar Mike will be your bestest buddy ever for just ONE like of a post on the echo net!


Eek! Wrong IP!

I know, but I couldn’t remember from the lore what it was, and I was too tired to look it up. I figured someone would tell me, and then I could silently edit the post… Apparently, I was wrong about that, too!

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I’d have no choice but to join the Rogues simply because no one else would accept me.

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Although I wish I was cool enough to be a Rogue, I am probably Eldrid. I think my name gives me away.

But Toby would never talk bad about you so you won’t be able to join the Rogues. He didn’t want to kick you from the Battleborn either! He’d def give you a chance!

I do wonder why you used to have an orange/Rogue costume at first… Secret Rogue lover?

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Rogue. Profile pic says it all

Last I heard she was talking about making a bunch of fried chicken.

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I see myself belonging in the United Peacekeeping Republics. Ain’t gonna let a bunch of shadowy skellies take my sun away without a fight

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Naw… naw… I… I… I wasn’t thinkin’ about runnin’ off and joinin’ Reyna… The Valkyrie… the legen—
Naw… naw… excuse me…

It won’t do you any good to delete your Reyna fanfiction. I backed it up personally.


A little disappointed that it takes the form of poorly drawn action comic books, and that it’s not pornographic, but still…

Ok… fine… I like Reyna… she’s awesome. Ok? Are you happy?

I’ll be happy if you make it pornographic…

Ewwwww… c’mon Nova… she’s… she’s… human… that’s gross. I just think she’s awesome, alright? Why does everything have to be dirty with you?

Because dirt is… so… very… interesting…

Promise me you won’t share those adventure comics. They’re embarrassing.

I promise nothing. Toodles!

Nova? NOVA??? Ugh…