Which game has the best intro song?

I’m talking about the opening cinematic song used. What’s your song choice?
Personally, my top pick is Cage The Elephant followed by Short Change Hero. those are near even levels. What about you?

the songs are as follows:
Borderlands used “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage The Elephant
Borderlands 2 used “Short Change Hero” by The Heavy
Borderlands: Pre-Sequel used “Black Dragon” by The Vines
Borderlands 3 used “Put It on the Line” by The Heavy

  • Borderlands
  • Borderlands 2
  • Borderlands: Pre-Sequel
  • Borderlands 3

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Poll option is missing Tales which has best intros.


no, i left that out on purpose.

The intro songs for BL1, BL2, and BL3 all bring a thrill to me; as I hear them I picture the intro scenes and feel pumped to play Borderlands! The Pre-Sequel tune sounds good, but doesn’t really inspire me to play the Pre-Sequel in the way the others move me to play more Borderlands. (If I had my choice I’d up-vote the first 3 I mentioned and not vote for the Pre-Sequel intro music.)

They are all good, but Ain t no rest for the wicked really captures Bl spirit both with music and lyrics.


I wish they had licensed “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz or “E-Pro” by Beck, but I think a little Jon Spencer Blues Explosion would have been a nice follow up to Cage the Elephant to give us that shot of adrenaline with a touch of twang… The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Blues X Man - YouTube


this ain’t no place for no heros

Tales. Because each of the 5 different intro songs they had for each episode were better than the intros listed in the poll.


If I was going off both the visuals of the intro as well as the song I’d put BL2 and BL3 on par as number 1. Going off song alone it’s BL2 for me.

I do think it’s really cool how the opening lyrics of Put it on the Line seems to mirror the 4 VHs of that game.

I probably just don’t have as much nostalgia for BL1 as most people, but I’d still rank it very close behind BL2 and on par with 3 if ranking off the song alone.

I just think “Ain’t No Rest” being in a major key and being more upbeat helps. Outside of Borderlands I would have loved that song the first time I heard it. This being specifically about songs helps, because the BL1 intro is just character title cards and minimal action.

If this was a sporting event, that’s the “walk out music” the Vault Hunters would use. You could put that song behind the animatics for BL2 and BL3 and it would still work. TPS was a odd one with the crash scenario…

So for me, “Ain’t No Rest” is more a theme for all things Pandora and Crimson Raiders which will always define Borderlands to me in terms of tone.


BL1, 100%.

Also has the best ending credits track: Borderlands Soundtrack - Track 01 - No Heaven - YouTube


Even though I played BL2 before BL1, I’d still go with 'Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked"- it just captures the entire Borderlands vibe.


To be honest, if they had just kept using this song for the game it would have ranked up with No Rest For the Wicked, but they only used it for this trailer. Borderlands 3 Official Reveal Trailer - YouTube

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Borderlands 2. It sets the theme for the story: there are no heros on Pandora. As a quick reminder, you murdered a literal child because her dad was trying to exterminate what he viewed as terrorists and bandits and bring something resembling stability to Pandora. I mean he was a ■■■■■■■ monster, but you still killed his daughter while he watched and begged you not to. Also Sal eats people and was basically there because ■■■■ you, that’s why, blow it up. Zer0 hadn’t found hard enough things to murder, Axton and Gauge had no where else to go, Maya was there because siren, and Krieg was obsessed with le siren. Borderlands 1 didn’t really do the same, not bad just wasn’t as perfect. The presequals was good, but short sighted, no greater meaning. Borderlands 3 simply didn’t fit as well. Awesome song, just wasn’t as impactful.


Black Dragon is a tonal anomaly, but then TPS is a tonal anomaly so that’s ok. Still, I voted for it since the others I’ve heard……too often. All those times starting the game up and walk to the kitchen to get something while it loads to come back to hear Short Change what feels like hundreds of times.

No Heaven is definitely up there. Always loved that moment with that song.

How You Like Me Now hasn’t been mentioned. It doesn’t appeal to me but it’s still an important part of the game.

I thought Kongos “Come With Me Now” (trailer for TPS?) was really good. I was disappointed it was not an actual intro. :frowning:

Looks like it was Character Trailers that used that https://youtu.be/5zXCBsBUW_A

Basically the same footage recut in this spot Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel Trailer - Last Hope - YouTube

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I even bought an MP3 of Ain’t no rest for the wicked

For BL3 they should of used something off the album Crash by The Dave Matthews Band…would of been more fitting

bl1 and 2 are just the thing i expect borderlands to be
its something in the borderlands

a part of the galaxy where nothing rly is
where only psychos and the lost are
no heroes, just adventurers

bl PS tone does reflect itself aswell in the intro, its a more action style one, straying away from that BORDERLANDS type of world

and while i like bl3 intro music it just isnt borderlandsy for me anymore

so y
bl 2 is the best BY FAR
and bl 1 is the next best one