Which gpu is the best?

So i’m going to be upgrading in the near future to an amd 8350 cpu, and will upgrade my gpu at the same time. i’m torn between a r9 390/(x) and a gtx 980. Thought? Opinions? Dissertations?

Atm, I have:
m5a99fx pro r2.0 motherboard
gtx 650 gpu
fx 4130 cpu
evga 750 g2
4+2 TB HDD
4x4 GB Kingston ram

Nvidia doesn’t support Async shaders, so…

Dat Cuda. really though, i just threw in the 980 for a comparison. its more between the 390 and 390x. I don’t see a reason to pay an extra $100 for l__l that much more performance.

And much less DX12 performance on Nvidia side. I say just overclock a 390 with a good cooler.

thats what i was thinking was a 390. I love my motherboard, so not upgrading it.

My brother has one currently, and it performs extremely well.

i’ll probably upgrade my monitor too, to 1440. maybe even 4k.

What kind of monitor do you have now? Honestly, I’m more of a framerate guy than resolution.

22" AOC at 1920x1080
its a great monitor, not a thing wrong with it.


of course.

Ah. Ever tried a higher framerate monitor before? I think there’s 144hz 1440p monitors out there. You should consider getting one.

I am considering it. As I said, ^here.

I was more referring to the 144hz part but yeah, I know.

GTX 980 and R9 390X are not pricepoint fighting, that would be GTX 980 vs R9 Fury.

The Fury beats the 980 in most cases but the 980 is better at overclocking.
It’s really just what you prefer and what you get a good price for.

Ween it comes to 390 vs 390X I personaly would and will go for a 390 unless the 390X is on sale.

Also get yourself an SSD if you don’t have one.

Edit: if you go 1440p and spend about 600 bucks go for the 390X so you can get the most out of it.
I would strongly advice this monitor for 1440p AMD gaming:

my desk fits my tower/keyboard and a 22’ monitor.

If you can’t fit a monitor bigger then 22’ don’t switch to 1440p as it’s only worth it if you use a 27’ monitor, 27’ is the sweet spot for 1440p.

I mean i could, but thats just way to big when my face is a foot away.

Then stick to 1080p 22-23’ and your problem is solved, or buy a new table.

Have you decided on what GPU to get?

i just wanted higher detail:( almost definitely a 390. should be good enough for anything since no hairworks.