Which gun should i keep

I finally got a bone shredder to drop but now I can’t decide which gun to drop

They are both Vladof shock E-Tech guns

Level 50
111721 damage
89.6 accuracy
6.3 fire rate
2.2 fire rate
29 mag size
3605.6 shock damage / sec
16.2% chance

Consumes 2 per shot

THE ASSAULT RIFLE (I was saving this for my level 40 mechromancer)
Level 44
4116 damage
90.1 accuracy
9.2 fire rate
3.7 reload speed
43 magazine size
1732 shock damage / sec
7.2% chance
Consumes 2 ammo per shot
+50% mêlée damage

Which do you think I should get rid of

Etech pistols are bad generally.
They are clunky and the dps is low.

The AR is better but both are mediocre.

or store them in the vault or claptraps stash, if you want to hold on to them