Which guns still need buffs after the latest patch?

From what I tested so far:
Lucian’s call
Cocky Bastard

please add :wink:

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slow hand
redline? (so hard to find but torgue shotties didnt get a buff afaik)
bone shredder
dictator (what ever its reason for existence is right now)
the magnificent
desctructo spinner
western gun

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All non DLC3 weapons need a buff but realistically, these are the ones I’d like to see …

Redline (as previously mentioned)
Hellwalker (just revert the previous nerf)
Vosk’s Death Grip
Yellowcake (LOL);


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ten gallon needs to beat its own record of most buffed and still useless :rofl:

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almost every dlc 1 and vanilla gear

excluding sickle lob storm firestorm krakatoa hellshock

this said granted that dlc 3 power level is baseline

Any and all sniper rifles. Even at max level snipers are weaker than even assault rifles ever since one of the patches at the start of May. Jakobs rifles take four or five crit shots to down an unshielded enemy when it should take only one or two. Please make snipers great and powerful again!


Any Sickle outside of Boom Sickle needs help, as much as any other Vanilla gear.

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