Which heroes does the Battleborn community HATE to see?

Not in terms of Skill level, were who ever plays them is always very good. I mean in terms of who ever plays that certain hero, they always SUCK! The Hero it’s self is probably pretty much “eh” or bad or maybe even not THAT bad, but it takes too much trust to accept that Hero on your team. And this isn’t like Overwatch where you can easily switch out of a Hero. “PLZ SWITCH” Once you see that Hero, you’re stuck with them… and it’s just “ugggh” I waited 30 minutes for this game and I’m stuck with that Hero on my team.

So, I thought I would ask… which hero do you guys hate to see on your team? Where who ever plays that hero, always kinda sucks. And since you can’t switch out of heroes, your stuck with them :confused:

None really. Every character can do really well in the right hands. The only time I groan is when our team comp is ■■■■. I like to go Random so I pick first usually so I’m not really helping or hurting in that regard but I hate when someone takes 50s to pick and then chooses the exact worst character they could have to balance the team comp. You can tell the whole team is thinking it too haha like a psychic scream of “SUPPORTSUPPORTSUPPORTOMFGWHATWEREYOUTHINKINGIHATEYOUPLEASEDIE!”

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EEE >.<’’

A whole team without a support, that’s super scary.


Boldur, Miko, Pendles, Rath, Kelvin.

I hate me as Rath…I feed EXP with no end, never able to really do anything good -.- Since 2-3 really awefull matches I only play him in private bot-matches for fun, I don´t want to ruin the game for others.

Other Raths I faced have torn me/my team apart though. I figue I´m just horrible with him, even though he´s my 2nd fave character.

Really…? Well I would love to try to change your opinion of him. I like me a good rath match. He was my first love tbh

So people don’t really like Rath? The Poster Boy of Battleborn :confused: Hmm, that’s surprising lol.

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I used to hate seeing a Whiskey on my team since 99% of people who played Whiskey were ass.

I did have 1 person I played with that was an amazing Whiskey, so I knew the character wasn’t bad at all.

Post-Nerf Pre-Re-Buff Kelvin

and uhhh…Rando Raths.

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Rath for me as well. As new players are 100% more likely to play as either him or OM. Om is wayy easier to play though, and since Rath is a high risk high reward Hero, they might feed.
If we’re talking about the other team, I hate seeing Ambra.
She just. won’t. DIE. EVER.


Don´t get me wrong - I LOVE Rath, but I play him quiet aweful. Its my skills fault, not Rath´s fault.

Really hate it when the last guy on my team picks ANOTHER assassin instead of a tank or healer. But specific Battleborn? Kelvin, Benedict, Miko, (especially all three at once), and Attikus.

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I find it odd for Benedict, in games like this people usually love the flying rocket shooting guy. Is it a skill issue or is his skills just very lackluster?

Benedict is a terror in the right hands but I think because of his flying dynamics and the speed of his rockets, his learning curve is higher than most BB. A lot of players have awful aim while gliding. Some people, that playing style is natural to them. Personally, I’m awful with Benedict, he’ll be my last character to master.

On the thread topic: I’m never very impressed with Marquis or Toby, I don’t seem to ever get matched up with good ones. I played against a badass Toby last night though, made me want to finally get around to mastering him.

Nah, it’s just I hate playing against him. I can never hit him when he’s flying despite the huge hitbox.

That’s so wierd to read cause i thought I would never be good with Benedict. Now? He has probably one of my best kds and I been killing squishies with what I like to refer to as “rogue” rockets (i.e. A rocket that I fired that for me a kill that I really didn’t expect to land because of my range)

Toby is really good I will say. He takes a decent comp to shine imo as he relies on your team to put good pressure on your opponent but he can be absolutely devastating

And @skeksis_SYL
The majority of people I see play him have run away from other people ulting with catalytic on cooldown. :disappointed_relieved:
Also, when I first played this game, it was with my brother, who blamed his team for not pushing when he was, not healing, not landing pulls, ignored executive insurance policy, etc. He no longer plays (tbh gladly. We have opposite views, and he’s always been close minded and only ever played Rath or maybe some Shayne or Ghalt. I hated that the most tbh). So bias sadly. But every theme time tey just seem so confused and lost lol

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Honestly, thats hard… I love to smash them and fleeing, going round the corner to give a Crossblade before I transport back to NOVA.

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I can see that. He is a rather basic character with a relatively low skill floor but truly utilizing everything he can do makes his skill cieling rather high imo. Knowing when to engage or retreat, to smash or not to smash, and how to most effectively utilize his ult are what separates feeder raths and raths that feed.

Now your making me wanna get some pvp in with him…

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