Which heroes does the Battleborn community HATE to see?

May all the people blaspheming against Samurai Vegeta suffer his wrath.


Probably pendles because his high skill ceiling makes me paranoid that someone new to him is playing him, otherwise galilea because it makes my team seem bull with that much bloat (sorry and no offense galilea players)


I hate seeing Galilea. I have never met a Galilea main that wasn’t the most annoying human being possible

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I agree with @theavarchivist, any character can do well in the right hands. That being said, I hate seeing Rath. His kit is made in a way that only allows for one method of combat.


El dragón in my team, i usually play support but there is no way i can keep him alive, he cant stay in lane or get stacks (if we have a wave cleaners) fast.

I only hate one composition thats Galilea, kleese, ambra, Ernest and w.e random you want. Galilea with full shield and full hp spinning faster than rath ult is imposible to push away…

Kleese protect close range while Ernest destroy waves and Galilea pulls everyone who dares to get close enough, ambra is the guardian Dog debuffing anyone who gets close.

I do get a tad nervous with Pendles or Dragon cuz the skill threshold is so friggin high.

Im fine with a pendless who can get me shards and kill low hp targets or keep buging their healers.

El dragón is sad man! I’m totally ok with a nerf but they over do it. Its hp was fine, its stun was an isseu but with the clap nerf and aoe dmg nerf it was oky, specially now with the ult call outs.

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What was wrong with his stun? That’s like the main thing I want back for him

I don’t even know what his ult call outs are at this point…

There was really nothing wrong with him imo his skill floor was already steep to begin with.

Oh I agree. And in the event of a clap nerf and aoe nerf I think he woulda been fine. Now? I just dont think I can play him. He very much feels like the worse battleborn since launch imo

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His stun was only available during his ult, and even then, the animation would eat through a second of that time before he could attack, now he has literally no way to kill non-squishies.

He’s just an assassin with less health, and no reliable CC, and his clothesline is only ever used to escape until late game.

EDIT: I don’t feel the clap difference is a big deal, feels about right now.

But everything else they did to him ruined him.

I had an isseu with it because the aoe +stun+ clap and +50% attack speed.

Yes its skill gap was high but i feared more a lvl10 dragón than a lvl10 orendi (unless she had bolas target/lorrain skill spike, voxis core and firmware)

What i try to say is: all he needed was a clap nerf

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50 percent? Is that ult with level 6 helix? I honestly don’t know the modifications to dragons stat while ult is going on. And honestly his helixes are kinda meh past 6. 8 is dead. 10 helps though a notable amount.

I would never fear an el dragon more than an orendi. Keep an eye on him and he can’t really kill you. Orendi though can nuke you at range… But I generally have issues with orendi at this time because of dragons nerfs so may be a smidge biased. Who knows? Lol

Uhm maybe is thx to the callout but yeah orendi laughs and i get cover.

Doomsday key 12%+ VoZF 16.8% +any gear with sec speed 4.2% +lvl6 20% mutation makes his clap stupid fast hitting everyone in range.

Or get rogue gear that gives extra movement speed when crit to move faster than sprint while claping.

The range on paradigm is still substantial imo. Sometimes you can’t get away from it. I can sweep shot it like a mofo too. A level 10 orendi has just as much team wiping potential if not more in comparison to a level 10 dragon

Eh… That’s still like 3600 shards for both of those legos though and doomsday key is only good on him for its special effect. Your sacrifing a slot that could be upping his survivability. Hard to kill people when your stunned and dying. And clapping everyone? I am lucky to hit 3 people. And it’s kind of there fault if they are grouped like that imo

You can’t sprint and clap at the same time. And it’s not super easy to even crit with clap too

I got a fella for you to play against sometime who loves rath

Im talking pre nerf when his aoe stun was big enough and give me a sec and ill get you dragón basic speed + movement speed gear

@skeksis_SYL Character Movement Speed Tests (28/28) w/Google Doc

Before the nerf a Smart dragón doing his combo and suporting was a ■■■■■■■ monster. Have you tried el dragón close to ernest egg?

He didnt need survavility with a good team and support

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I do love rath. But I have set him down for quite awhile. I should revaluate my build though. Dunno if I really like it

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I was talking pre nerf as well. As I have said the aoe tweaks and clap nerf is all he needed imo. Rather I suppose all I would tolerate…

Ok. I see it but I don’t think it’s a good build. I don’t think it’s the build that is killing players left and right. It’s quite gimmicky and you lose out on his best survivability helix plus any gear to make him more survivable. Using clap is also a dps drop as well. If you can melee you should.

And yeah. El dragon that is being properly supported will carry a match. But so could others. I have also been in an Ernest egg. It’s extremely impractical to expect it to help him do anything though