Which is a better anointment for FL4K?

I have 2 Hellwalkers, both ASE, one is 100% damage, one is 2 mags 50% shock. Now, given how fast my FL4K cranks out Rakk’s, both are viable, I’m just slightly figuring raw damage beats some extra shield stripping?

Some things that we would need to know to answer for sure (I am sure there are more, and I am certain someone will correct me if I missed one LOL:

  1. Are you using “on ASE” elemental bonus shield and grenade anointments? I assume yes if you are running a Rakk build, but I won’t make the mistake of assuming.

  2. Are you running a shield or grenade anointments that already have shock? If so, the additional shock damage on the Hellwalker doesn’t help much.

  3. Do you have the 100% weapon damage on ASE or the 100% damage after being damaged by Rakks?

Even given the answers to these questions, my answer still would be “personal preference,” depending on the other anointments you are using.

In this case, we are talking about the Hellwalker, which is only a one-shotter anyway for Fl4k (not taking into account LNT), so the shock bonus doesn’t get you too far anyway. My “personal preference” would be for either the 100% damage after Rakks or on ASE (your post doesn’t specify unless I missed something). I tend to prefer the 100% weapon damage on ASE for mobbing, but if you are trying to kill a boss with the Hellwalker as quickly as possible, I would use the “after damaged by Rakks” anointment if you have that one, because the single-target damage is higher with that anoint.

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I decided to stick with the 100 damage after ASE version. I have a shock hex grenade anyway so.