Which is a good class to do pretty much... everything lol?


So, I sort of want to do everything there is in this game, but solo. I want to make it through the glorious 2.5 mode!

Gonna need some help though, so which class pretty much helps with this? And before you say it lol. Yes, I understand every class can do it… Some have it easier than others. Brick’s skill is pretty useless to range enemies and DoT damage will just melt him. Rolands skill is pretty much always a distraction than a killing machine, same with Bloodwing.

So the last choice is Lilith. Would you say she has an easier time than others on higher difficulties? Even though some skills are better than others, how about actual skills in the trees?

Honestly just tell me your experiences with each class. Which one was more fun than the other, more easier than the other. I’m leaning more towards Roland or Brick.

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I like mordecai because reasons.

(Geomason) #3

If you set up your Brick the right way, he becomes simply unkillable even when fighting Craw, and he is fun!

(Lumpy Chump) #4

Roland is pretty good all around, but only if you know how to use him. Hese really op with most guns with the heavy gunner com, but Id still say avoid 3 round burst rifles (especially stompers, the damage number is misleading). His turret is horrible outside of healing, and not worth much speccing into. Avoid the leader COM at all costs. The commando type class is always my first, but honestly its proven to be a pretty bad policy for me.

Lilith is easy mode once you get a mercenary COM with some ammo regen. Double anarchys and general high fire rate SMGs are your best bet.

Brick can out-DPS everyone with a blast master COM, but its kinda niche compared to the 2 above. His melee is pretty fun if you build him with a berserker COM and a tourge shield.

Mordecai is very good for machine pistols/mashers, and is fairly good with revolvers/sniper rifles. Though the way sniping works in borderlands 1 makes you miss more often than not depending on how far you are from the enemy.

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Since I’ll probably never top these posts, Imma just link them here.

Other suggestions in that thread too.

I didn’t mention Lilith in those cause she’s my least favorite of the 4, but I would rank her top-spot if I had to. Her Phasewalk does so much so well, and in combination she becomes pretty damn invincible. She simply bores me, but she’s probably the most bestest.

Going off of Roland or Brick, I’d vote Roland. Brick is ■■■■■■■ awesome, but his brand of awesome is more subtle, and he’s more gear dependent than the others. Higher defense/offense ceiling than the rest, just takes a bit more to get there.

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Finally, someone agrees. I really hate phasewalking. But throwing bloodwing and popping 10 different dudes into mist? Hells yeah.

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The movement combined with invincibility is more potent than you’d first think. Need to get in close? Need to escape a sticky situation? Ok, covered, check and check.

When you’re getting close, you can defensively and offensively debuff enemies, damage them elementally, and have massive damage reduction upon exit.
You can extend the duration to go farther and heal further for better positioning and health. Two or three of those is already quite significant, but you can easily grab all of those.

With all those working together, most encounters tend to play out the same, at least more than the other classes. Spot enemies, close in with PW, debuff, deal damage, get low on health, PW out to safety, repeat till done.
She’s damn effective, just a Lil repetitive.
With Brick I treat large open areas differently than closed spaces, cover and angles really influence Mordecai, and I’m drawing a blank on Roland. He’s pretty well rounded.

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So if I am reading the original question correctly what you want to know is which character is good at Mobbing & Boss Fights?

The honest answer is, what gear do yiuy have?

Every weapon class has sub tiers that offer variants with more Fire Rate, More Damage, or More Damage over time. Because of that each characters weapon specializations balance out between them and allow you to be very effective without using you action skill for much outside of quicker health recover than your gear can muster alone.

Building an explosive Brick gives him weapons in every class he can use with the one element nothing is resistant to. I don’t even use his beserker rage other than to run fast in large areas with no catch a rides. He’s the only Vault Hunter whose skill I have little use for outside of early game.

Everyone else gas two weapons they favor with skills or class mods to support specialization:

Combat Rifles & Shotguns - Roland
Snipers & Pistols - Mordecai
SMGs & Snipers - Lillith
Shotguns & Rocket Launchers - Brick

And most have buffs that effect all weapons so you can make use of a great weapon regardless of your character’s built-in preferences.

(odiscordia) #9

I consider Lil the most OP character. I run thru areas like a Floridian on bathsalts and I never go down ever. With a merc com and my tediore hx 130 anarchy and 5 points in mind games I am pretty much invincible. 5 points in intuition and mobs become a net of death. Mordy is almost as good as some of the top tier revolvers will down anything on pandora with a shot or 2. I found Roland and brick harder to use until I really had the best of the best gear. You have to remember to use the turret proactively rather than reactively like phase walk as it blinks out when u go down. Blood wing keeps killing tho and can give u second winds. I probably just never really set brick up right as he seems to go down the most for me. Idk. It seems like he actually gets hit more cause he’s a physically larger character.

(band) #10

I, too, think he’s larger. He makes a great shield when you’re reviving one, you just put him between you and the bullets and you’re golden.

But seriously, Die Hard, Die Hard so much. Once you get a quality shield you stop going down so much and you have accurate enough of guns to use if FFYL, Brick stops dying so much. And if you go down, who cares? srsly die hard is magic.

(odiscordia) #11

Maybe you could show me your brick build. I have pretty much every desirable piece of gear in the game.

(band) #12

Really, I can’t say it’s anything special, standard general gunplay build.

Skill Notes

Endless Rage in case you need to Berserk heal more.
I typically fill out the Tank Tree cause I love it, but Bash is totally preference. I use it if I’m in a sticky situation and pop Berserk to heal up and stun enemies.
That top right skill for the reload speed, shame it screws up your recoil. I’m not much of a launcher guy cause terrain absorption, so no Wide Load. Liquidation 4/5 cause I don’t need 5 here, and don’t need 5/5 in Bash, so 4 it is. Cast Iron cause I’m running out of places to put things, it’s there.

COMs. My usual go-to is Centurion, I found quality ones throughout my playthroughs more often, comparable Titan COMs haven’t matched up yet. Also, Centurion has Die Hard. If I had a perfect Titan or Tank, I might run one of those instead. Centurion’s health bonuses work well with Die Hard. I haven’t tried the neverending Unbreakable thing, if I ever get a shield Titan COM or a comparable Tank, I’d probably lean Tank since it has Die Hard.
I really really really really love Die Hard.


Shield/Health values with each COM
Centurion: 5597/2867
Titan: 6826/2374
Tank: 6416/1792

Prepare yourself, I was surprised too.


HOLY ■■■■.

I am legit pissed I don’t know exactly where I was, when I was, how I was, when I got this. That moment should be burned into my memory.

(odiscordia) #13

Pretty sure I got the 68 version of that somewhere. And a near perfect ironclad. Yeah my lilith shield is a 69 inpenetrable panacea. I remember finding it well and have never found another.

(band) #14

Should have mentioned this earlier, but this is totally ok. As long as you don’t respawn you’re good. Basically, as long as you able to maintain line of sight to any enemy inside of extreme-long range, you have the time to whittle most anything down while downed.
We already covered he’s big, so cover can be risky. Sometimes you get poked in your shoulder that was sticking out behind an oil drum, it happens. Now you’re stuck reading the “highly flammable” label with no way to get back up. Screw that noise, you’ve got Die Hard, use it!
If I feel like I’m close to getting downed as Brick I will charge up into the middle of a group, jump on a box for good visibility, get downed, and become an invincible(if bleeding) turret for the next… I dunno, like 20 seconds? Sometimes I’ll make sure there’s one guy I can kill, save him for last and soften up the whole group before I second wind. You just need guns with good enough hip-fire to pull it off.

(odiscordia) #15

I decided what I really. .really can’t stand about brick. Rapid reload. The fact that this skill is 1) bugged backwards for recoil making everything janky as hell) 2) a mediocre bonus for reload anyway…making me want to use stockless gear and thus making see above even worse and 3) a first tier skill which forces you to take it to get to what is arguably his best offensive skills is just a fackin dealbreaker for me. I have some success with my ogre coms and shotguns but man my head hurts watching that screen bounce around. It’s like BM and ogre AR or nothing. Idk. I just want that gearbox shotty and I’m outta here.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #16

Bill’s build is almost the same as my Brick. I have Liquidate at 5/5 and Bash at 3/5, that is the only skill point allocation difference.

I rely on Blast Master when mobbing. Titan for bosses. Diehard is extremely useful if I decide to take a knee at point-blank range against a slow moving enemy. Otherwise I use distance and cover. OS or AWE bodied Panaceas complement his Tank skills the best.

The recoil bug from Rapid Reload never bothers me given I always aim down sights. Then again, I play Brick as an explosive Sniper and that is definitely not the most common approach.

(odiscordia) #17

Well #¥@× me…the cod reward is a rocket launcher…I thought it was a shotty for some reason…yeah cod is 20x harder with brick than the others. Second to last round and I was hiding in the corner like a bitch cause every badass and royal spawned with a shock smg. I swear there are like 6 maliwan shock smgs over in the corner lol. On the bright side…I guess…I got my first pearl from an enemy other than a drifter. A realllllllly bad ironclad.

(odiscordia) #18

Yeah try using a 660 ogre com and a 2.0 rof matador. It’s like he’s having a seizure.

(Bryanswpaulsen) #19

I use Titan for Circle of Duty. At most I get downed once.

Looping Unbreakable is easy with the significant amount of cover available, and the majority of the enemies are so ridiculously weak to elemental damage, while resisting explosive, that a Hellfire and Defiler effectively deals with everything.

It is weird they made the second to last round so much harder than the final one.

(odiscordia) #20

I noticed that too! The last ones pretty easy. Second to last was a crap storm of shock