Which is the best mode to farm Terra?

I’m not looking for the gear he drops, I’m more so just looking to get those lovely heads he has. So does it really matter which mode I’m in for him to drop the heads? I’m unable to farm him in UVHM (He’s just too tough for my Krieg atm, though I am able to farm him in TVHM and NVH easy.)

that’s the only way to fast farm terry the thresher

There’s no increase chance on TVHM it’s all the same? Alright I’ll do NVHM :slight_smile:

It would be better to do it on tvhm because he would still be lvl 50 on either, so if there was an increased drop chance it would be better on tvhm

No, Drop rates the same , just get Higher level gear. NVHM is the quickest to farm heads.

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