Which is the best opening song?

BL1 - Ain’t no place for the wicked - Cage the Elephant

BL2 - Short Change Hero - The Heavy

BL3 - Put it on the line - The heavy

Personally loved loved loved BL1 coupled with the opening sequence, struck a chord with me.

However I’m actually more partial to Short Change Hero

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I almost start crying every time i see the opening sequence of any of the games personally. They present all the characters so well, their powers their personalities. And the songs text usually sings the song of the entire game. Also gets you hyped to actually play what is to come after the animation.
The amount of respect i have for GBX solely for making those sequences is unmatched.
My fav tho would still be BL1 though because I enjoy the bands style a bit more and it hits me the hardest, both because of the lyrics and nostalgia for the game.

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The first, the third, the second in that order… I just couldn’t really get any adrenaline off BL2 intro it was too slow.

Kinda wish this topic was about (or included) the intro songs to Agonizer fight lol, it’s what I anticipated discussing at first seeing the title at least.

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To me it’s gotta be Ain’t no rest (it’s rest btw, not place) for the wicked. Both on a musical level as I simply like that song the best out of the three, as well as on a design level because I think it does a much better job at setting the mood for Borderlands in general than any of the songs from The Heavy.

Rip TPS :frowning: