Which is the best way or strategy to farm cutsman?

Wich is the best way or strategy to farm cutsman?

Farming traunt or gigamind they are ez to kill or asking people for it and some kind soul will provide. You can also farm norman bates he is the suppose to be the dedicated drop for it but I’d advise against it he is very unreliable.

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Those both are better than grave guard?

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Sadly, you have better luck getting it as a world drop rather than farming Borman Nates.
I only ever received one from him, while levelling up.
I was fortunate to get a Shock level 53 Cutsman as a world drop. Those seem to be very rare…


This is true. I got most of my good Cutsman via world drop and the rest via trades.

The Cutsman drops from Borman Nates ~6% of the time. Since the level cap increase, I have gotten 90 Cutsman from him (1400 runs).

The chance of getting a Cutsman as a world drop is ~0.6% because of the large number of legendary items which can also drop as world drops.


I have had a few from Boreman recently but he is very patchy.

I got 2 beautiful anointed Cutsmans drop from Gigamind within 15 minutes of farming him today.


I’ve gotten a bunch from Borman Nate’s. I use Amara with ties that bind. Just run right to Borman. Phase grasp, blast him with as brain stormer and look for loot. I’ve liked him s bunch but I’ve probably gotten a dozen cutsman from him.

joe, give some one corrosive!!!

I have quit dedicated loot farming all together. Unless I want something not annointed. I farmed killavolt probably 50 times yesterday for a lvl 53 Transformer with any ASE annointment. I got 1, plenty non annointed dropped. I got plenty of good world drops that weren’t a transformer. Today, I’ve gotten two with ASE annointments just doing random stuff. Proving grounds , rampage ect…

Borman Nates and I also have troubled history …

My advice , find whatever boss you can melt the fastest and rinse and repeat.


go farm trade chat , u aint getting any gd annointed unless super lucky

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My 3 godroll cuts are all world drops from lockers, toilets and my shock one came from Moxxie slot.

Good luck!!

(Kill Gigamind)

Farming = hours, days, weeks

Trading Forum= 10 minutes

I love math !!!


I always feel better when I find it myself. The meat of the game is the journey and its an assumption but; trade for your entire load out then the only thing left for a player to do is kill the big baddie, after its dead its all over.

Having it all handed to you negates a large portion of the game and folks wonder why they have nothing left to do.


It’s time. I am not speaking for anyone else but me. I work 5 days a week 7:30 - 5:00. Have a family and time is not an abundance. I’d much rather obtain a piece of gear through trading and use the weapon in a variety of matches, bosses rather than farming Traunt, Graveward 1000x for that perfect roll. Farming in BL3, with this big of a loot pool and all the anointments that go with it has become a chore sadly. Different strokes for different folks :blush:


Don’t bother farming for any specific item. Just trade, right here on this forum is a great place to do it.

For me its Borman. On console its faster with Snowdrift + Vanquisher to get to him than with the vehicle.

Could have sworn I typed “Different strokes” term somewhere there but you did lol >.> now searching other posts…

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Hit me up if you haven’t found one yet. I have them in all elements 100% ASE & Rakk

PSN: Adam Jaz ( pic of viking )