Which is your favorite VH personality?

  • Fl4k - Blood thirsty Bot - Yes! To the bloodletting!
  • Zane - Class Clown - No! Not me, shoot him!
  • Amara - I’m the best - Nothing to it.
  • Moze - Wiseass - Stay down, scrub.

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We spend so much time with the VHs I am curious as to which one you enjoy from a personality stand point? They have some great lines and it is one of the reasons I have enjoyed putting extensive time into playing each of them. Through it all there is only one personality that has gotten under skin in an annoying way, and that is Amara. I just do not enjoy listening to her talk. I think from a voice acting stand point she is well done I just don’t like her personality. Maybe you like her braggadocio, it is in the vein of Muhammad Ali. I think all of them have positive points as well as things that get annoying. I really like Zane and I think he has some of the best lines. But like all class clowns you sometimes have to acknowledge that he tries to hard to land the punch line. Fl4k is surprisingly enjoyable with his out right bloodthirstiness. He has a dry approach to his lines I have found amusing, and at time he has surprised me. Moze is more even keeled in her approach. Great sense of humor but doesn’t try as hard as Zane. She also doesn’t hit the highs that Zane sometimes does.

I am curious as to how people see the four of them. Over all I think GB did a good job of adding a little depth to the VHs this time around. As much as I love playing Maya she had a dry personality.


I’d rank them as Moze 1st, her lines are cocky but palatable.
Fl4k 2nd, I like the robot voice.
Zane 3rd, some of his lines are a bit… lame (but I do be maining Zane)
Amara 4th, she’s the only VH I haven’t played though bc she has weird thumbs.


If it wasn’t for Moze I would have stopped playing ages ago.


Well, Zane wins out for me. Nice accent, excellent one-liners and whilst he is somewhat self-obsessed it’s in a slightly self-deprecating way which makes it fairly enjoyable.

Moze: She’s alright. I’m not sure if I’m dissapointed or not that they didn’t went the heavy duty soviet route considering she’s associated with Vladof, but anyways, she’s got some good lines but at the same time she kind of has the same issue as Rhyss in that game in that she’s a bit too heavy on the Gen Z memes.

Fl4k: I kind of like 'em and there’s a lot of good voicelines, but the character keeps on bouncing between the hunt (:tm:) and the enigmatic assassin trope. I feel like Zer0 managed to achieve more by only having one of the two and throwing in a bit extra personality.

Amara: No offense, but Amara is kind of an ass. She’s self-obsessed and unlike Zane she really takes herself and her reputation very seriously at all times. She also doesn’t seem to have the same kind of humor that the other Vault Hunters do and and mostly comes across as both gruff and narcissistic. My guess is that they were trying to have a crack at the “strong independent female character” archetype but it didn’t work out particularily well, ending up with her being the second most obnoxious female character in terms of personality in the franchise (no. 1 being Ava who at least has the apology of being a cringy teenager with plenty of room to grow until the next game).


Moze is bae, but I don’t think anyone has more personality than Zane-boi…

“Sorry I’m late! There was a thing with with a drunken spiderant and a princess and… Ahh, it’s a whole thing! Let’s get to it!”

(Deploying clone)“I’m the fake! I’M THE FAKE!”

(Killing Valkeries) “Wish I could say that was the first time this week three angry ladies tried to throw me out.”


This :point_up:…she barely has a personality, just relentlessly cocky with little sense of humor


Zane is pretty brilliant as a whole. He has made me snicker the most of all of them. There are times where he misses the mark but I am really enjoying my play through with him. He is really 1b for me.

Moze’s attitude really matches her play style, which is fun. Explosive and aggressive.


I like Zane the most, because I sometimes feel as old as he actually is.
Generally like his lines the most as well because he has that kind of cringe, but in a good and kinda self ironic way. At least that’s what I think.
Also the voice acting feels right in any language I heard it in.


I didn’t even think of the language side of it. I have only heard things in English.

I know most voice lines in english and german, which makes comparing them not much harder honestly. They are relatively close to each other, although the english voice of Fl4k is better than the german one (which is still great) and the german Amara is more bearable than the english one for me. Moze is pretty good on both languages and Zane takes on 2 different kinds of voice stereotypes, one of the irish drunkard and the “german Ashton Kutcher”.

From the characters themselves I like Zane, Fl4k and Moze pretty equally much (but for different reasons) with Amara being just too “fisty go lucky” for me. She is quite boring as a character and some of her one-liners belong more to middleschool-sexualized humor than Borderlands.

My ranking overall would be:

  1. Zane: 10 points
  2. Fl4k: 9,5 points
  3. Moze: 8 points plus 1 additional point for “gamer moment comedy”
  4. Amara: 5 points. She is just not very interesting.

Like Zane most. With all influx of ‘new’ humour hes as close to nonchalant Pandoras insanity as they go.

Moze is second and my most played char. After ex military characters like Roland, Axton and Athena she reminds D-va too much for my liking. Well, too much to outperform Zane. Wish there was more Vladoff in her lines.

Fl4ks lines land good but end up feeling overplayed after a while.

Amara goes last but i didnt play her too much. Strange… i played all (both) previous sirens and fist punching Brick alot but in a mix it didnt click for me at all. From what little time i spent - concept of wrestler amazon from space is good but it needed some humour somwhere between lines.

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Oh jeez I’m surprised by Amara’s position. I mean I always thought she was the blandest but still thought she had more support. Wonder how this would change on the reddit.

I luv Fl4k the most because as you said they are a pretty serious and dry character but, that helps them to stand out more in the wacky and crazy world of borderlands.


I don’t think this necessarily reflects how many people are playing Amara. IMO her trees are pretty well thought out and have a lot of options. Even with the recursion nerf I think she is the most powerful vault hunter. So people play her. Personality wise I think this is showing that not many people care of her.

In other words it is ok to off her. :skull:

I kid… :wink:


Zane is the funniest. He’s my number 1 when it comes to personality.

Number 2 is FL4K. Great lines, and the voice actor just nails it.

My number 3 is Amara. Yeah, she is very Narcissistic, but her voice actor does such a good job IMHO.

Moze is number 4, because to me her personality is just meh. She caused a few chuckles, but nothing like the other 3.


I like sirens and always start playing them I have countlesd hours on Amara but let s face it her inflated ego is unbearable, it s not even funny. Shame as she has some good lines.

Zane is the one I like the most, he is the only ones tied to previous characters as he is one of the Flynt ( one of the best lines with Balex explaining his name and Zane answering it could have been worse as his brothers were named Baron and Capitain :rofl:). I like his mix of humor, self derision and professionalism as he is a super deadly assassin.

Fl4k would come as honourable second as I like that they is completely off the mark when it comes to understanding human behaviour.

Moze… don t appeal to me at all,I can t remember a single remarkable line, it s all generic taunts to me.


I’m strictly a Fl4k player and I can assure you that Fl4k has no personality. Yes he likes to kill things, whoopdie doooo, he’s boring.

I prefer Zane’s personality over all BL3 VH. Imho BL3 has the blandest cast I’ve ever seen in any BL game.
Waste of ProZD’s talents if you ask me.

Well, as far as how much I enjoy playing them, it’s FL4K, Moze, Zane, Amara, for me. That said, as far as personality/character/voice acting, it’s definitely Zane in the lead. He cracks me up, and the accent just works so well. FL4K is a very close second, with their deadpan delivery, and that wonderfully droll, baritone robot voice. Moze is a distant third, in that they really missed the boat on playing into the Vladof side of her, accent and all, instead of trying for young and hip. For that matter, the young and hip may have worked better for me with a Vladof accent. Amara is so far behind in fourth, she may as well be 87th. Just find her a strange combination of incredibly boring, and yet super annoying.

Man, even in BL2, their personalities grated on my nerves (thanks, developers, for making those callouts optional). :heart:

Among all vault hunters among all franchises, Athena is the only one because her aggressive laugh was both empowering and a little hot.


Zane is the most standout to me, Amara and fl4k are a far second, and Moze I have no idea. A lot of the time she feels like a cardboard cutout.

I can also just add two more things that I think a really cool with Zane.
He knows anyone, been everywhere, done anything. It gets super ridiculous, but is funny while doing so.
His voice sometimes mechanically distorts when his clone is out. Sounds super awesome.