Which IVF to use for best damage?

I am heavily invested in Storm and use Raging Storm Mod / Tranq oz kit and therefore use shock weapons almost exclusively. I was doing a quick little test on the dummies and my level 70 shock IVF was not doing as much damage to the flesh dummy as a level 68 Disker. This surprised me because I just assumed even with shock receiving no large bonus against flesh targets that with my class mod boosting shock damage nearly 50% that the IVF would put out more damage than my 68 Disker. I was unhappy because I like to have my IVF out for weaker mobs and for badasses/ffyl but I also like to min/max a little which brings me to this question: should I be using an NE IVF for the explosive reloads which will do solid damage against all target? Ive been doing quite a bit of the Underdome and the other arena solo lately and am now unsure which one to lug with me. Thanks for any and all input.

I’ll just leave this here, as to get you prepared for what is to come. I’ll hop in game and do some math, which isn’t even fair to the LD because 1-2 of it’s multipliers never procs at the targeting range. But my guess is that won’t even matter.


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  • Fire IVF
    2633k + 3318k + 3318k = 9269k
  • Explosive IVF
    1805k + 2257k + 2257k = 6319k
  • Explosive IVF w/ cryo DOT
    5417k + 6772k + 6772k = 18961k
  • Laser Disker
  • Laser Disker w/ cryo DoT

Winners for flesh

  • Without cryo - Laser Disker (although w/ a Femme Fatale com the fire IVF is basically the same)
  • With cryo - Laser Disker


  • Shock IVF
    3762k + 4740k + 4740k = 13242k
  • Explosive IVF
    1447k + 1805k + 1805k = 5054k
  • Explosive IVF w/ cryo DoT
    4334k + 5417k + 5417k = 15168k
  • Laser Disker
  • Laser Disker w/ cryo DoT

Winners for shields

  • Without cryo - Shock IVF
  • With cryo - Laser Disker

And keep in mind the Laser Disker can be even stronger in the field. And has the tesla that can stack Maelstrom and Deals ok damage. And you have to hit all 3 grenades for the IVF to get that damage.

Here is an example of one of the LD’s multipliers.


Wow thanks for the very in depth answer. Looks like the Laser Disker is the clear winner here IMO, only downside I see to it is that it is much easier to hit a target with the IVF (well at least the first chuck) since the Disker has that weird trajectory when thrown, but I can adjust to that with practice. Again thank you for the info.

You’re welcome.

OMG! That research should get you on the Gbx staff.

Thanks, I’d love to work on BL3.

Ever since khimera gave me such an in depth response I have been looking around the forums and noticing that he has put a lot of good info out there. Its really cool that people like him are still around here, I just wish there were more people still playing :frowning:

As for the results to this particular test I must say I was greatly saddened as I really liked the idea of element matching using the IVF…but instead I just carry my disker everywhere and leave my IVF’s in the bank.


This was indeed very helpful, created a new Athena and used this info all the way to Clappy dlc, what a diff it made.