Which Jack build is the best for a newer player?

Meaning I have been playing for awhile but I only recently started playing again and when I quit before there was no ultimate mode. So with NO post 50 gear to give Jack, which build will fare the best gearing himself and farming for my other toons?

Pet builds are pretty gear independent. A decent class mod will see you through most of the game. Flying enemies and bosses will require more effort, so just be sure to get good corrosive weapons for the big baddies (felicity, RK-5, EOS). If you find a roof shield it’ll be a big help.

There are videos and sample builds that will explain everything. If need be you could play this totally fearless alla krieg.

Also, @Derch Darth Timothy works well with quest rewards. Give your jacks a nova shield and get yourself the spadroon and all will be well.

Hope this helps!

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Roof shield?

Roid shield. Twas a typo.

Roid shields increase the damage of some of the badass Jack’s attacks. It’s not neccessary for mobbing, but it trivializes boss fights, so it’ll help if your gear isn’t quite up there yet.