Which Legendary Class Mod to use?

I honestly cannot decide, all have good benefits.

You can check out Derch’s Comrade Jack x Darth Timothy builds for good ideas with the Chronicler of Elpis and Celestial Doppelganger, respectively. I don’t really like Eridian Vanquisher but it boosts High Frequency Trading so you can take advantage of that Flakker switch glitch pretty easily.

Does the Flakker swap glitch still work??? I’ve only seen ppl doing that in BL2 but not TPS :smiley:

Yup, still works in TPS :grin:

Any other thoughts on which Legendary Class Mod?

chronicler of elpis for sniper-shotguns. celestial doppleganger for pinpoint rosie. eridian vanquisher sort of sucks.

Have you tried it? It’s actually a great offensive class mod for different reasons other than simply abusing Leadership. It’s the only class mod to boost High Frequency Trading. I love weapon swap speed skills and think it’s such underestimated skill to have but if you’re elemental matching and using cryo it makes gun play so much more effective. Then you get boosts to skills like Integrity and Synergy which is a potent combination of damage-related skills. Just Compensation gives you deeper mags and grenade damage, and Take Their Freedom for a touch of survivability. Where exactly does it suck?

My favorite class mod on Jack given my build and play style.

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Celestial doppleganger because it boosts good skills and after firing long enough the boganella becomes more accurate than a striker.