Which Level 80 Build?

So as the title suggests, I’m having trouble picking between two builds at Level 80. This following is my current Axton Build:

This is the build in question that I’m considering changing to:

Both builds would have identical gear and use the Legendary Soldier Class Mod.

The first build has these advantages and disadvantages:
+Full points in Impact for maximum class mod boosting; +40% gun damage is pretty nice.
+On top of that, has Onslaught for extra damage in battle.
-No source of cooldown reduction.
-Nuke is kind of a weak capstone.

The second build has these advantages and disadvantages:
+Extra cooldown from Resourceful would greatly help for extended battles and survivability from Grit would make Axton much more tanky than he already is.
+Gemini is a much more useful capstone: more Slag coverage, have a little bit of protection from two Phalanx Shields, and, of course, survivability of the turret (if second turret dies you can replace it).
-You can only have one point in Impact (6/5 with class mod) in order to get Survival skills.
-No Onslaught.

Let me know which build you prefer! Feedback is appreciated!


I will go with the second one with dual slag turrets and do or die.

I will change it a bit base on preference though i will max out impact instead of expertise, put a point in mag lock and max out grit (i love grit).


Needs more Duty Calls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

nat and I agree to disagree on Grit. I think it’s a waste of points unless it’s boosted by a COM. 4/5? 16%? Bleh. Honestly I think Healthy does more.
Grenadier? I’d take it for Fastballing. Otherwise Onslaught does more.

For what it’s worth, this is my Legendary Soldier build (OP8).

Mostly explosive : Harold, Ogre, SWORDSPLOSION, Slagga, Quasar, Blockade.


Onslaught vs Able is personal choice, as Moxxi Gear covers the healing in most cases.
Now that we can get both Double Up/Gemini and Do or Die, there is no reason to not use offensive Grenades so I would always spec Grenadier.

Also, Grit is imo Axton best skill. By far.
My spec would be like this:

Decisions…decisions… Most builds assume Regen Magic Missiles.

Legendary Soldier:

If I’m using Magic Missiles and want to keep my Turrets on the Ground


If I am not using Regen Grenades:


If I want to stick my Turrets on walls, ceilings etc…take one point out of metal Storm and add it to Mag Lock

Rifleman Com, Mouthwash and Toothpick:


Purple Chaotic Neutral Ranger Or Legendary Ranger:


Something wild and crazy with the Hard Carry Relic at the Peak and Legendary Soldier:


Upon some consideration from this topic, I’ve decided to go with a modified version of the second build.


In the end, I took away two points in Quick Charge and put one point in Healthy, and an extra point in Grit. I figure since I’m using The Bee, 5/5 in Quick Charge isn’t essential, since it rarely refills the shield to full—it’s mostly just so you can tank an extra hit or two. If I play this build and find that the damage is lacking, I might consider swapping the point allocations of Impact and Expertise, but tbh, I just really like the way guns feel with 10/5 in Expertise. I kind of wish more characters had unique skills like that one.


I like it but if you are going to use a Bee…DEFINITELY spec Forebearance as much as possible.

The Bee only provides Amp damage when the shield is full. A status effect will prevent the shield from being full for a long period of time and any benefit from Quick Charge is made insignificant by the Bees Recharge Rate.

Buuuut you have to stop being hit…so your delay will kick in…then ultimately recharge. A status effect prevents the start of shield delay. And an unfilled Bee is not only not providing any amp damage…it’s a death trap…lol

You must be VERY quick twitch sensitive in order to feel the difference in gun swapping at 6/5 vs 10/5…are you a PvP guy??

One last thing. I would NEVER give up Onslaught…EVER.

I’d far and away give up Able before I give up Onslaught. The movement speed and extra damage is addictive. If you use Regen grenades you can use the points you have in Grenadier.

This is all just my opinion…play the way that makes sense FOR YOU! Good Luck!


The commando is the character that can benefit the most from a bee shield because of how much skills he has to lower the cooldown and the way his ability works. I will post my build here.

Your weapons would bee

  1. Ogre/ good torgue rifle
  2. Unkept harold Double penetrating version
  3. Omen without element, counts as explosive
  4. Slagga/grog nuzzle

For grenades you want fastball or meteor shower.
The relic MUST be an explosive relic since the bonus is multiplicative.

The class mods are Legendary soldier or grenadier expert, you decide. You still can change in combat when ever you want.

You can change all of this to elements with the omen and a hail (both benefit from grenade damage) THEN YOU WILL NEED Bone of the ancients relics, in all elements.

No quick charge because the capacity from the bee shield is too low and the rate too fast, the bee will recharge alone, quick charge will change nothing.

You will be placing the turrets strategically to mantain your shield. Always one on the ceiling, for the slagg. Your first turret is the one who will be always safer. Make sure is safe, it will grant you an infinite second turret when ever the first turret keeps on working.

This is my GOAT build. I have 3 characters in OP in this game commando being my favorite.

Hope this help every soldier out there.


I think your build is solid.

I have two suggestions. Your call…if what you do works for you stick with it.

I suggest you find a way to Spec Grit. It’s too good to pass up with all these extra points that we now have.
You could take these and you would not notice a difference.
1 from Metal Storm
2 from Healthy (since you are using Legendary Soldier…no big deal)
1 from Pressure
1 from Forbearance

There has been a lot of discussion over the years whether a Non Elemental Omen actually benefits from the Explosive Damage Relic (In my tests I did not find any evidence that it did).

You might consider a Swordsplosion or the new Unicornsploosion. It Definitely benefits from the Explosive Damage Relic. I find both of those guns easier to pound things with than an Omen.

Again…just suggestions…your call.


you can’t call your build like that without putting points in the best Axton Skill in the game - GRIT. lol


Ah! You beat me nat! You goat!

No GOAT is complete without it!

(FYI @Streaker86PR - this is an inside joke)


You may be right about the omen, the reality is that i’ve heard that about the non elemental omen, but i still don’t have it. I have the swordsplosion and some elemental omens. The thing about the swordsplosion is that grenade damage is applied only to the child sword grenades. Harold, ogre, Derp nukem and slagga works like a charm. If the enemy is big or there is too many sometimes i like to use the flakker with the bee shield even though it doesn’t get the grenade damage bonus because of the whole lot unlisted proyectiles and the fast reload and fire rate of metal storm and steady.

Also, i was thinking about grit but 5 points to a skill that only has 20% of activation only when I’m suppose to be on the floor seems not that good to me. 2 times out of 10 it can activate. I tried it when i saw your suggestion but i almost never touched the floor therefore those points are doing nothing for me on grit. I think grit is really good when it can benefit from a mod though

The thing is with that build you can do a ton of damage by being tactical, you have 2 turrets with slagg, shields, longbow and mag lock meaning they can have high ground any time to see every one or distract
and slag them while you are using your bee shield with fast recharge rate, and healing. Also onslaught gives you the speed you need to not get hit. The turrets have nice cooldowns and a lot of duration in combat with legendary soldier.

I think if someone is fighting a raid boss you can change points from onslaught and metal storm to able and expertise, and use expert or master grenadier with 5 or 6 on steady or maybe make the changes you mentioned about grit with maybe a mod for that.

But really, this build wrecks anything. If i go down i have my fast ball, and my Derp nukem with my slagga. I have reload speed and swapping speed. Still this build playstyle is taking cover all the time with strategy if you go down a lot with it then you are not playing right.

If some one try this, please let me know i’ll be happy to hear i helped. :smiley:

For those new to the game, i choose 2 turrets with slag and not 2 nukes because slag is crucial in UVHM (ultimate vault hunter mode) it greatly multiply your damage, much more than in normal or TVHM and besides… nukes are only fire damage for whatever reason… Fire isn’t good with shields or armor.

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For whatever reason…5/5 Grit responds more like a 40-50% chance.

And it gets even better at 6/5 on up.

I have seen grit proc over 20 straight times on 5/5 builds.

I honestly think Gearbox clearly has understated the percent chance. It’s CRAZY…

If I can spare the points I ALWAYS use it. The problem has been simply not enough points to go down that tree and still have decent Gunpowder skills and a slag turret.

The new DLC and those additional 8 points are a Godsend.

But again…if you are happy and successful with what you are doing…drive on and have fun!


I have seen the theory for something in this game, maybe grit maybe inconceivable, that it rolls to see if it will proc for a set time period (say 1 second) and if it rolls to proc, it will proc everytime in that time period.

Mostly speculation, don’t exactly remember where I saw it (maybe here?) but it seems to match my experience with grit

There was a recent time trial kill on hype I think with a ridiculously long chain. Which is too unlikely statistically if each proc is truly independent. I assume if true that would save computing/memory resources.

On topic, while I don’t have a ton of hours with axton I’m on team grit.


I saw that…I think it was 28 times total IIRC.

It’s just too good to pass up if you have the points. And with this DLC…now we do!!


From Dina

So Happy Grit and Recompense are getting some love. with awesome speed kill strats for Hype and Hade.


Yeah I experimented with Grit long time ago until I made the axton kill, never really uploaded becouse i had a faster way to do it with chuck (the 0.9) kill. But in OP10 all changed and i decided to show it.
But this is only viable if you’re doing chains with Antagonist. Otherwise its imposible to stack bouncha grit and its useless. :wink:


Really intrigued by this going to try it, great explanations as well. Cheers!


With the new CDR from the OP8 Leg Soldier card, you can probably take a point or two from Resourceful without hurting your Turret uptime.

Able is usually a one point for the boost too, so with maybe one point from Preparation or Forbearance you have your 5/5 Grit.
As said, it is Axton gamechanger skill for sure.

About the Omen, only the splash gets boosted by grenade damage. It has 100% splash, so it is worth imo.
The swordsplosion is also top tier, so it is really your call in the end.

Otherwise, it is a really solid setup @Streaker86PR


Okay guys, so i was reading all of your comments and since i was going to do OP 10 and i was thinking that i would have to change a bit my build because of the possibility getting down too much. This is how i manage to get grit on it.

I just put 1 on healthy to get the benefit from the class, not more because in OP 10 you will be 10
10 levels behind on health, so healthy doesn’t matter that much since they will get your life to 1% in a blink

Took one point from forbearance since i will barely notice and two points from resourceful because of cooldown being additive, still i get 15% from the skill.

So now we have 5/5 on grit without losing damage from our skills or benefits from our shield recharge rate, capacity, delay or health regen from preparation. GOAT or does it need more Duty Calls? (Joke) xD

It worked for me, i hope it works for all of you.

Haha so many grit fans. I gotta say… if it weren’t for all of you screaming for grit i wouldn’t get this awesome build together.

So thanks for helping me.