Which loot system in the Borderlands series do you prefer?

I come to realize that I like Borderlands 2’s loot system than BL3’s and Borderlands 1. I’m not mentioning the Pre-Sequel because that system is by far the worst in the series.

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I preferred BL2’s loot system but I hate the endgame UVHM healing and umtimate bullet spongeness made 90% of gear unviable.

BL3 gameplay feels good and I love the varying viability in builds. Hate how guns are more realiant on anointments over their effects though makes getting legendaries unrewarding compared to previous games.

BL1 system I never really understood the pearlescents where a great idea though and I wish they did something like them again

I personally thought Pre Sequel was the best gameplay and loot wise just lacked content to use that loot in compared to BL2


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"BL1 system I never really understood the pearlescents where a great idea though and I wish they did something like them again:

I wish some of the pearlescents from Borderlands 1 transferred over into Borderlands 2. Weapons like the Serpens, Tsunami and Nemesis, and Undertaker were phenominal weapons. While weapons like the Stalker returned it remained the same but came in all elements. They could have converted the Serpens into a Dahl assault rifle that fired in burst of four where the 2nd and 4th bullet had the unique corrosive splash effect. I much rather have that weapon over the pearlescent Bearcat. The same can be said about the Wanderlust pistol and if they wanted us to entertain the fact that its in the game that pistol needed a complete redesign or substitute.

What I don’t like about BL3 in particular is that they are converting alot of weapons like the pearlescents from previous games and making them legendaries. Considering the vast amount of legendaries that are currently not viable on higher mayhem levels they seem to lose their uniqueness.


Aside from Anointments, I prefer BL3’s system. If for no other reason than that I actually get a selection of Legendaries to play with.



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BL2, the legendaries actually feel legendary and you have to farm less because their aren’t annoints to worry about. The drop rates in BL3 are just way to high and as such I will likely play on M11 when it releases to emulate that BL2 vibe just like the old days! I would rather they remove even more useless anoints and then reduce the drop rates to BL2 levels again but M11 will just have to do I suppose. I like BL3 and annointments but sometimes it just feels like to many drops and to much RNG related to them XD.


I guess I’d say BL1


Borderlands 3, before the drop rates got scaled so high that you essentially fart and sneeze out legendaries. Much prefer getting random world drops over farming a boss repeatedly.

But, i feel that BL3 have take so many wrong turns for me when it comes to the end game progression since release that i would have to say Pre-sequel > BL3 > BL2.

My hopes for arms race are that it will take some focus away from legendaries and go back to what made borderlands so fun, random looting and shooting.


They should buff non legendary to be viable and nerf a ointments to be less mandatory.

Then remove weapon scaling and change the whole mayhem mode to what they did with M11

After that they can scale mayhem into oblivion and nobody would care as you would be playing the difficulty you’re comfortable with. Somewhat fixing co-op matchmaking or at least make it easier to play with friends


The Bl1 system has a lot of bugs when it comes to generating guns but its loot system conceptually is by far the best. Kind of a shame they didn’t build on it and polish it up for Bl2.


Hard for me to decide. BL3’s loot system is the most exciting levelling up but having every character be a generalist makes you gravitate to the same gear, so playthroughs get repetitive. Legendaries also have pretty boring skin textures so its a slight miss. BL1 does gives you different experiences, but the gear abilities aren’t as exciting. BL2 and TPS strikes the middle.

In terms of endgame loot viability I think TPS and BL1 are the strongest. Then BL2, then BL3.

I think a loot system that combines the exciting gear of BL3 and the endgame diversity and class specialisation of TPS would be perfect.


I prefer BL3, but TPS probably had the tightest design and progression full stop. That said, I never could work the Grinder (didn’t have the patience).

I don’t mind BL3’s focus on Legendaries, but the inconsistency in how buffs are applied is hurting both perception and the end result of the current / evolving balance.


TPS. :slight_smile: It combined BL2’s loot system with the Grinder, which was an amazing addition. The only thing they should’ve done is assigned more drops to bosses.



Unless I’m seriously misunderstanding your question, that makes no sense. TPS has the same exact loot system as BL2, just with lasers and luneshines added in.

If we’re talking about how you get the loot, it’s still 90% the same. Some of the loot is locked to non-respawnable bosses, but most of the gear isn’t, and all they did was add higher vendor quality and the grinder.

Do you mean the parts system, or the whole way you get loot?


Bl2 because nothing beats that dopamine hit when you finally get a legendary.


Yeah, I thought these games all had mostly the same structure for loot (weapon) generation: start with some foundational weapon piece, and roll dice for rarity, parts, materials, or whatever?

Like outside of gibbing one’s own weapons together from parts, this is transparent to us, and the loot system is still mostly, "kill/open/complete/break stuff and see what comes out?

The ability to get loot via the Golden Chest wasn’t avaialble in BL1 until recently.

The ability to get loot via SHiFT rewards wasn’t in BL1 (is it now?)

The ability to get loot via mail (from in-game rewards, manufacturer bonuses, and random drops (haven’t seen a fresh Burning Summit in a long time) is unique to BL3.

Having loot drop at one’s level I think has improved since BL1.

High-rarity loot in vending machines was sketch in BL1 and BL2, pretty nice in TPS, and spot on in BL3, I think (and Earl’s vending machine is nice, especially with mission rewards therein).

BL1 didn’t have slot machines where one could win loot. That’s only gotten better with BL3 if this is your jam.

BL3 has the Gun Gun (and pets may hurl out weapons, though I haven’t seen anything come out better than some awful green).

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I’d like to still have the option of farming a boss for a dedicated drop. However, I don’t think there should be exclusive boss drops. Those should get added to the world drop pool as well


Definitely BL3. Yes, the drops are too frequent and most anoints suck. But what I love is the feeling that I can always get stronger.

In bl2, once you get 5 or so items, there’s nothing more to find. Grog nozzle is as simple as accepting a mission, DPUH can be found after a bit of a grind but really isn’t that bad, class mods and artifacts are basically always perfect, etc.

In bl3, I’m still farming for stuff. When I see a legendary, I know that it has the potential to be something incredible. A perfect class mod, a super powerful hellwalker or stop gap or face puncher or a bunch of other stuff. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Parts of the loot system. The fact that TPS didn’t have refarmable bosses in the beginning of the games meant that when they patched in refarmable bosses it would still need improvement months down the line. Also I hated using the Grinder, because it felt like the entire loot system was balanced with the Grinder in mind and I feel that the dev’s had lower drop rates for some of the minibosses so it didn’t make the Grinder irrelevant to farming. It feels half baked but also speaks of rushed development considering TPS borrows alot of assets from BL2.

Don’t get me wrong I like TPS, but the loot system is the main reason I think TPS can’t compete with BL2, BL1, or BL3.

TPS has the same drop rates as BL2 from what I remember the stats being. There wasn’t any significant difference.