Which mission to do next?

I am usually not a completionist, and rarely worry about the final Raid bosses as I’m in it or fun and haven’t the time or desire to farm the right gear
I finally decided to give it go. Playing Roland, i finished the main Knoxx story and up to the Destroyer in the main game. I am Level 58, and my current mission is the mop up mission on Knoxx, So everything now is level 60 in Knoxx. I still have the gift shop open, with the chests there at level 56.
What should i do next? Go back and kill the Destroyer and then the remaining Knoxx missions, or stick with Knoxx first and complete the remaining missions?
I’ve found a couple of reasonable level 57 weapons, but nothing too fancy, with the level 60 enemies in Knoxx mop up mission a challenge.

This might give you some ideas - note the way that things start scaling when you hit a certain point in the main story.


I’d finish and turn in Mop Up, which opens up Super-Marcus Sweep for another Armory run.
cough cough open up the potential for Armory farming cough cough
Feel free to do just about whatever after entering the Vault area, as soon as you do that your entire PT2 will be scaled to your level(except mission rewards).

Once you’re scaled, your goal is to get to Lv69 ASAP so you can farm end-game gear.

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