Which missions to save till end of tvh

Already know of the Lazlo quest where you get the fridgia from. What others should I save?

I would consult the top gear section of the char playing, look for blue weapons and check the “Obtaining” section to see if they are mission rewards.

I would also save the final mission from the claptrap dlc because you get a legendary weapon as a reward and a legendary drop so you already have 2 legendary items at the start of uvhm or you can use them in the grinder.

I woudn’t mind to much about saving the missions because even if you did all side missions at level 50 the weapons would still be outleveled in uvhm pretty quickly. So if you want to level faster do all the side missions and you get a lot of exp+ some great weapons.

But remember not to do side missions that are a level much lower then you are because you get useless weapons and you could easily get them at level 50

I mean “easily get outleveled” is a bit of a stretch. If it’s a good enough weapon for your character it can carry you for a decent chunk of uvhm.

The idea that you should save quests until level 50 is silly now that it’s no longer the level cap. Just save one or 2 to get UVHM rolling and go. You will get better use of having multiple guns to help you through TVHM than getting 6-7 level 50 in one shot that will all get outleveled at the same time.

I mean having on level something like a moonface/torguemada/fridgia to start UVHM is amazing. Especially if you plan on saving THOSE UVHM missions for level CAP.

The fridgia is what I’m going for I felt it’s freezing would really help with uvhm

I missed out on the torgue-Mada accepted the quest before I realized I could’ve gotten a higher lvl version, also the ice scream or two scoops would’ve been nice to have one of those to freeze

You only really need the fridgia and you don’t even need it on level cuz the freeze chance is unaffected by level. If i were to save a base mission I would save “Red, Then Dead” as the Moonface is pretty good on most characters.

Torguemada would be my all-around pick, thought the Moonface is still very good. Along with the Fridgia of course.

Missed my chance for the torgue mada, when I asked the other day how the whole waiting for uniques work, I already accepted the mission at that point.

How does scaling work? Because I over leveled Athena to 40 before starting tvhm, enemies were at 31-34 then all of a sudden they jumped to 38-40 when I got to 42, not just in triton flats it was odd to me.

Enemies level is flat and scales based on the story’s progression. When you finish the final mission, everything will scale to 50.

In UVHM, everything scales with you.

Oh I guess I didn’t notice it change as I played.

This is the fact that decided what I did before tackling UVHM (see my other thread). I still have half of Claptastic and several boss monsters in TVHM I won’t kill until later as a result.

Fridgia does sound like a good idea, although I had another legendary freeze gun I’m using instead. Also, I can see some value in getting far enough in the Holodome to get the legendary class mod. For everything else - meh. I even got a lvl49 Rosie, and then promptly banked it.

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