Which of this three skill tree builds is the best?

I’m having trouble deicing on what playstyle I should go with FL4K. A pure pet build, a crit build, or a hybrid build

If we are talking about the best build to beat content with, the crit build would be best.

As of now, the purple tree is bug-riddled (and overall not that good, damage-wise for Fl4k).

If want to have fun, go with what you like. If you want to make sure M11 enemies are dead before they can damage you, go with on of the builds in here:

Down at the bottom there is a build that uses purple. It’s more or less the only one that makes sense of the skills provided in it.

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Definitely Crit build.

Also, I hate to say it, but your skill points for your hybrid build are all over the place. Lethal Force Authorized is one of the worst skills in the game, while Take This! is arguably the best purple tree skill. Leave No Trace and Head Count are some of the two best skills in the red tree. Also, when using Frenzy, always put one point into He Bites (the skill next to it), as reflected damage of the pet stacks Frenzy extremely fast.

As for the crit build, Ambush Predator is terrible because there are always enemies nearby, and once again head count is one of Flak’s most important skills for that kind of build. Finally, I wouldn’t put so many points into All my BFF’s/Self repairing system (as Flak’s pet is already impossible to kill, and the health bonus isn’t that large), and would put some of them into Overclocked. That being said, you don’t have to that, especially if you’re using Jacobs weapons.

I hope my explanations help somewhat :slight_smile:


My question for Crit build is:

weapon athonment looking for are ase n2m 100%.

Is the weapon prefix have any major impact to the damage output results? Can’t seem to find anywhere what prefix to looking for… unlike bl2 weapon prefix choice are all over the internet, easy to search…

And also there is ase 100% dmg for a short time is that any better than n2m?

Anointments (the good ones that you’ll want to be searching for anyway) tend to be far more impactful than any prefix that can roll on a weapon. Focus on finding the right anointment and element, then you can min-max parts.

As to ASE 100% vs N2M, the latter will pretty much always win. ASE 100 is gun damage like Furious Attack, while N2M is a bonus element which is a basically a second bullet that scales off the damage you just dealt. So N2M is a pure 100% damage increase while ASE 100% isn’t.


While @boombumr is absolutely right on N2M vs 100% ASE, your guns matter as well.
A N2M Hellwalker which is a single-shot gun will not make the best of this anointment. Consec hits (still regular gun dmg) or 100 ASE (also gun damage) will serve you more on this weapon as you will burn through your next two mags all too quickly.

Also, don’t sleep on 200% splash for weapons that do splash damage. Especially, on Rakk Attack builds. Most of your grenades and even shields (Frozen Heart, Stinger, Void Rift) will benefit from splash anoint. Rakk Attack itself as well.


I 100% support ASE Splash on weapons. Fully multiplicative and highest bonus on generic annointments. URad is the closest competitor to ASE Splash in most cases.

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